Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Adult Playlist: Attitude of Gratitude


This Prayer Playlist is focused on cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  

Even in difficult and confusing times, God is still showering us with grace and blessings.

Below you will find suggestions for praying your thankfulness for all God continues to work in your life.


(You can find more Prayer Playlists for adults HERE.)


Here are some Scripture passages to help you give voice to your gratitude:

                       1 Chronicles 16:34-35

                       1 Corinthians 15:57                     

                       Colossians 3:16-17

                       1 Chronicles 23:30

                       Psalm 106:1

                       Psalm 107:1-3

                       1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Here are a few articles and blogs about gratitude:

                        Where Does Gratitude Fit in the Spiritual Life by Fr. Jim Martin, SJ

                        Made in God's Image, a reflection on gratitude for the body from Franciscan Media

                        Gratitude Leads to Generosity by Vinita Hampton Wright at Ignatian Spirituality

                        A Brief Theology of Thanksgiving from the SALT Project 


Igniter Media's short film Thankful

The Bible Project's reflection of the Generosity of God throughout Scripture

Father Mike Schmitz on How To Avoid Being Ungrateful

Sister Josephine Garret, OSV on Daily Bread Discernment



Podcast:  Turning to the Mystics, with James Finley of the Center for Action and Comtemplation.   This weekly podcast, which began in early 2020 (you might want to listen to them in order) offers a modern take on the historical contemplative practices of Christian mystics like Thomas Merton, Teresa of Avila, and John of the Cross as a gateway to hope, healing, and oneness in our beautiful and broken world.  


Here are some songs to pray with in gratitude:

                        Matt Maher, As Good As It Gets

                        Matt Redman, 10,000 Reasons

                        Tom Tomaszek, Grateful

                        Steve Angrisano, Magnificat 

                        James Moore, Taste and See  

                        Audrey Assad, Good to Me

                        Elevation Worship, Grateful



Here are some things for you to reflect on during your prayer time.  They can also serve as journal prompts.

                      For what in your life right now are you most grateful?

                      For what in your life right now are you least grateful?  Might this be a hidden gift?

                      Looking back over the course of your life, can you name the top five moments, people, or experiences that you are grateful to have had?

                      How has God been generous to you?

                      How have you expressed your gratitude to God?  How have you immitated God's generosity through your life?                        



The Igntatian Examen is a wonderful prayer practice to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

This 20 minute podcast from Father Jim Martin, SJ guides you through the Examen, with a special focus on gratitude:

                       How to Culitivate an "Attitude of Gratitude" This Week (and every week after)

If you are more of a visual pray-er, check out this 20 minute video reflection from Fuller Studio:

                        Prayer of Examen 


When we are coming to prayer, it helps to begin by feeling grounded in our bodies.  These 4 minute preparations for prayer from Pray As You Go can help you settle and foster a sense of gratitude for the Holy Spirit's presence within your body:

                        Preparing for Prayer With a Body Exercise

                        Preparing for Prayer with a Breathing Exercise 



Create a Gratitude Journal.  HERE are some tips for getting started from Greater Good in Action (Science Based Practices for a Meaningful Life).

Interested in exploring more about the science of gratitude?  You might like Jeremy Adam Smith's new book  The Gratitude Project. 


Gratitude overflows into generosity. You might want to express your generostiy though:

                        Learning about our call to The Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice from the Ignatian Works of Love project.

                        Contributing to our parish's outreach efforts this holiday season. (Contact Margie Benza at 585-248-2427.) 



This online retreat, Taste and See:  Experiencing God With Our Senses, from Ginny Kubitz Moyer at Ignatian Spirituality, consists of five self-led reflections on finding God through out senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.


Virtual Retreats from Andy Otto at God In All Things:

                       Seeing With New Eyes Virtual Day Retreat, Sat. Nov. 14, 9:30am-3pm

                      Advent is Our Story Virtual Evening of Reflection, Tues. Dec. 8, 7-8:30pm 




(You can find more Prayer Playlists for adults HERE.)