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August 29, 2021

Dear Friends,
I’m prejudiced for a variety of reasons but I love the month of August! The days are flying by and I hate to see what is coming ahead with the “official end of summer”.
Even though, I never had children of my own, I did not enjoy the thoughts of Labor Day or the return to school. I always think of my friend Tracey Crowley who sincerely hated to see summer end and her children returning to school.
Last week many of our young people were off to colleges and universities! Excitement, some fear for first year students and parents who were letting the “nest” empty a bit. Please know I hold all our young people in prayer as well as all of you parents. It’s exciting that these young women and men can go off to school. Let’s pray all goes well and we can have an academic year with good health and people being responsible for the well being of everyone.
Last Saturday, Don Smith and Kristen Leschorn were married. For those of you who do not know, Don was on the Staff of Transfiguration for many years and now is employed by the Diocese of Rochester. This wonderful couple were married in Ontario, New York at Saint Mary’s of the Lake (Saint Maximilian Parish). Many of our Staff members were able to attend and said it was a beautiful celebration. Please join me in prayers and blessings for the marriage of Don and Kristen.

Vacation Bible School x 2 was a great gift to our faith communities this summer. First of all, we celebrated “Wilderness Adventures” at the Church of the Transfiguration. I have noted this special week in previous writings. What a fantastic week it was. And, then to build upon that blessing we had VBS last week at Saint Catherine of Siena with the theme of “Attitude is Gratitude”! New this year was that this second offering was totally family oriented in the evening. From the beginning of 6 PM, dinner was offered each night to all the participants and then engaging activities of faith took place until 8PM. It was very well received and I have heard from many parents who enjoyed having the time for themselves to connect with one another. I think this might be worth repeating!!! Big Kudos to all our volunteers and Parish Staff who worked so hard and prayerfully to make these two gems take place. Thank you to all who participated and made living and meeting the life of Jesus a joy!

So, I did share my new dental adventure! Yep, I am fortunate and it is a first world gift at being 66 years old.
Some friends, who are obviously fun, sent me a picture of their Invisalign photos, and I corralled another friend at mass for a dual picture. Part of our treatment is to take pictures at a certain point with and without the braces. Well, here are my first shots with Dave and Karen.

As my dear friend Claire who is 92 years old would say, “Aren’t we fortunate”. She is right in saying that when we look all around us and know so many are not as fortunate as ourselves. That is why we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and do everything we can to meet people in their need and hope.
Speaking of which, ever hear of Operation Smile? Maybe you have seen informercials on TV. Friends of mine, Doctor Bill and Kathleen Magee created this phenomenal ministry. This blessing provides free surgery to children with cleft palate and no access to care. They travel all over the world caring for these children. I met them through their niece, Lindsey Marshall Ferrari and have been so moved by their goodness. I share this because my issue of braces is nothing in comparison to these children. If you are not already familiar with this ministry, please check it out. If you are so moved to assist them, tell them Rob introduced you to this gift of life.
Lastly, Deacon Pat DiLaura will be our homilist this weekend. Pat will be moving on to Saint Louis as their Deacon September 1st. I know we are all saddened to see Pat move on. He is a gift I have appreciated in my life and I know yours for so many years. Pat and Roxanne are true disciples of love. They will remain our parishioners “per the word of mouth from Pat” and we will continue to support them and their ministry with our love and prayer.
May we continue to support them and know we will continue to be sisters and brothers in our family!!!
Love you Roxanne and Pat!!!!


Fr. Rob



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