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July 11, 2021

Dear Friends,
I hope and pray you enjoyed a safe and blessed Fourth of July weekend.
For me it was once again a bit, maybe more than a bit, different, because of what we have been experiencing with the pandemic. And, I am fortunate enough to say this is a First World Problem. When I look beyond myself and what other sisters and brothers have to deal with not only in my nation but throughout the world, OK Rob, keep yourself in perspective of the Gospel.
Last weekend Deacon Kevin Carges preached at our faith communities. I’ll be honest, Kevin is a tug at my soul and drawing me closer and deeper into who I want to be with Jesus Christ. Kevin is special as I am sure all of you heard and experienced with his message.
Last weekend Mark proclaimed in his Gospel that Jesus wasn’t accepted by his own. “They” knew him. He could not even do, offer what He could because of their lack of faith. How many moments in our lives have we missed out on blessed opportunities because “we” knew better about the one who wanted to be present to us?
This weekend in our Gospel, Jesus sends out His disciples. Whew! They go with little but with more than you and I may imagine. They left with His inspiration, His witness of love in others lives and His blessing that you will be empowered by my love and support to do what I have been doing and as Sacred Scripture tells us “more”.
We are so fortunate to have four disciples/Deacons in our faith Community. Eric Bessette, Kevin Carges, Jim Carra and Pat DiLaura. It is a jewel for me to be present to their testimony of faith and witness. We are on the road now to hear their proclamations as they preach! Each of these valuable disciples bring a unique testimony of Gospel that inspires me. Those of you who have known any of these gentlemen know what I am trying to share. And now, we will have with one another the Good News shared from a familiar voice and several new voices! We are blessed.
Our two faith communities have many examples of todays Gospel. Being sent out to preach Good News and hope of the Kingdom. Our four Deacons witness this reality in several ways. Do you identify with any of them? Can we share what we witness not only among our familiar family, but let us share now with our expanded family of faith between the Church of the Transfiguration and Saint Catherine of Siena.
Pray for Eric, Kevin, Jim and Pat. I am. I see such holiness in these brothers who have said yes to Jesus and have gone out into the kingdom.
And, let us pray for ourselves as well. We are going out into the kingdom sharing Good News as well! Right?
God’s blessings,
Father Rob



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