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July 25, 2021

Dear Friends,
When possible, I enjoy including a picture or two or three or maybe four with my bulletin article.
As I shared at Masses, the Vacation Bible School named “Wilderness Adventure” at the Church of the Transfiguration was wonderful. I’ve included a picture of just one of the fabulous stewards/volunteers who worked VBS.
Jennifer McInerney led and coordinated all the music for the week. She was fantastic and her leadership, spirit and joie de vie was so inspiring even to this non talented musical person. Loved seeing her everyday and how Jenn drew in the VBS Staff and young people. Jenn lives in Colorado so this was truly a gift of self to be with us once again. I say once again because I have heard her generosity has been a blessing for several years. May we thank Jenn and always appreciate (not taking for granted please) the Time and Talent wonderful folks like Jenn bring to our faith communities. Thank you Jenn so much for letting me be part of it all this time.
Another gift was seeing the Woods family (members of Saint Catherine of Siena) join us for VBS at Transfiguration! Another grace and sign of how our two families are coming to worship the Lord!  
Who will join us at Saint Catherine’s in August for Family VBS? Looking forward to seeing you!!!
Before a Men’s Fellowship Meeting, I went outside to check on the vegetable garden at Transfiguration. I have known about it but it was my first venture among the soil and plants. Diana and Karl Hamann and Tom Brennan were tending to the weeding and care of so many wonderful plantings.
For those of you who do not know the story of this garden, it is a labor of love and its fruitfulness is to give away its abundance to those not as fortunate as ourselves. Thousands of pounds of food are donated. It is truly a way to “break bread” and “feed souls” among one another.
Like so many obligations and responsibilities, Diana, Karl and Tom would love some help caring for this treasure of creation. If you could help, any amount of time is appreciated, please call 248-2427 (the Office of Transfiguration) and we will connect you to these fabulous stewards.
On another note, it has been a blessed tradition of Saint Catherine’s to have a “Harvest Table” from this time of year until… Folks bring to Mass the produce of their gardens and place it on the Harvest Table for anyone to take and enjoy. It’s starting to look good and anyone should feel comfortable in helping themselves. So, grab that recyclable bag in your car and see what awaits for your table at home.
I have to repeat myself, thank you everyone for being so supportive and prayerful in our clustering journey. Everyday, I thank the Lord that I may be with you and for you being present to me.
God Bless You All,
Father Rob


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