Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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July 4, 2021

Dear Friends,
I was overcome with the presence, support and welcoming last weekend at all four masses between the Church of the Transfiguration and Saint Catherine of Siena.
I am never surprised by the love and fruitfulness of my sisters and brothers. God’s grace is always profound and abundant. God bless all of you who made me feel at “home” in our two wonderful faith communities.
It was a joy to see, recognize and meet for the first time community from our two parishes. I hope you felt the same. I renew my promise to be present to each and every one of you. Know you can call upon me anytime.
Many times I like to include photographs within my bulletin article. This week I would like to share a picture of Meg Kastner, Laura Cutter, Maureen O’Connor and myself. I apologize for including myself. The four of us have been working together now for some time as Parish Staff for both of our parishes. These three individuals compliment me beyond words I can express. If you haven’t met each of us, here you go! A picture to identify us as you come into our Parish Office doors. I’m sure you will feel welcomed and we look forward to being in your company.
Karen Luke, Pam McInernay, Bob Goldbach, Crawford Butler, Ruth Maier, Kevin Carges, Jeff Beckett, Jim Carra, Rose Volker, Margie Benza, Anne Gallagher, Vicky Wejko, Nancy Wahl, Pat DiLaura, Eric Bessette, Chris Washington and Sue Wallace are fabulous gifts to enhance our Parish Staffs. Even though we may not be “sharing staffs” technically, we are all sharing our gifts with one another for the goodness of one another! I cannot thank the Lord for a better group of stewards to be among.
Last Saturday, Karen Luke hosted “A Night Without A Bed” at Saint Catherine’s parking lot. Karen, with her 12 year old daughter Emma, parishioner Lynn Monaco with her grandchildren, Noah age 7 and Kaden age 2 slept outdoors to raise funds for those who always sleep outdoors, in cars and other vulnerable places. Their stewardship raised $ for Family Promise (formerly known as RAIHN). What a treasure of stewardship. Thank you and God bless Karen and all who participated throughout our area to raise awareness about his epidemic of homelessness.
We also celebrate our nations birthday this weekend. What a gift we have. What a gift we need to treasure. And, I pray what a gift we continue to embrace that all the tenents of our Constitution may be the rights fully offered to every American, every American!
God Bless you all.
Thank you for being you for me and our parishes.
Love and blessings,
Fr. Rob



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