Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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September 12, 2021

Dear Friends,
Many of you are probably like me remembering certain times we have been in places of everlasting memories.

I can remember November 22, 1963 being home ill from school and hearing Walter Cronkite breaking into our lives with the announcement about President John F. Kennedy.

I remember where I was when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.

Twenty years ago I remember the day when our nation faced the horrible realization that we had been violated and lost thousands of lives. The nation mourned lives in New York City, in Pennsylvannia and at the Pentagon.
We were deeply saddened then and shocked and we are still today taken back by this horrific tragedy.
As we recall the tragedy of what we refer to as 9/11, may we each pause remembering the lives lost and also remember how blessed we are as a people to be part of such a great nation.

May we all pray for peace for all God’s creation and our sisters and brothers throughout the world.
May we all stop for a moment, remembering the lives lost on 9/11 and pray we can live in harmony with one another. Let us truly work to be as Jesus and love one another as He has loved us.



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