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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dear Friends, 

Happy Easter!

There are many beautiful and inspirational moments during Holy Week services which I am deeply grateful for as part of my journey through the Easter Triduum.  Today I would like to mention one, not to lift it above the rest, but rather to share a view that I am privileged to see because of where I sit during the services.

For me a most precious moment of the Good Friday service is the Veneration of the Cross because it is unique in a hundreds of different ways, but is singular in meaning.  From where I sit I observe the many different ways people venerate the Cross.  Some kiss Jesus’ heart, others His hands, others kneel down to kiss His feet, others come up and very solemnly touch a part of the Cross and still others profoundly bow as their sign of respect.

As I sit there observing the passing scene I am moved by the expression on people faces.  Young children come up and as I read their facial expression I kind of know they are not totally sure what this is all about, but they know this action of veneration is important for some reason. There are others who come forward and because I know their story, which may be joyful or sorrowful or heavy, and see their great appreciation for what Jesus did for them.  There are hundreds of other feelings and emotions that I see on the faces of the worshippers and I just sit there very often moved to tears by what I am observing.   

I thank God for the privileged position I sit as the presider of the gathered community.  Most of all I am profoundly humbled by the faith I am observing in those who are venerating the Cross.  Thank you for the privileged of sharing this most precious moment of our faith journey. 

I hope you are enjoying the gladness of the Easter season and the new life that comes with it.      

Again, Happy Easter!

Let us continue to pray for peace in our world!

In peace and courage,



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