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Sunday, August 27,2017

Dear friends, 

This and that!  Every-so-often there are lots of things that have been or are about to happen which are important to bring to your attention.  Some of the items you may already be aware of from other communications you have received, but they are important enough to bring to you again.

I begin with an earnest request we prayerfully work at deepening our kindness, tolerance and peacefulness of our own heart and spirit.  I believe if all of us do this we will bring a oneness to our beloved Country.  Much has been said over the last couple weeks concerning intolerance in our Country, let’s move to put it behind us as God’s people.    

Second, I am very excited about our new family-based program religious education program for our children called Bridges of Faith.  One of the reasons I like this program it is meant to honor the commitment parents make at the time of the child’s Baptism.  At the time of Baptism, parents state they will be the primary educator of their child in the ways of faith.  The Bridges of Faith format opens the doors for parents to do just that with the support of our Formation Staff, volunteers and other parents.  A full description of this new program has been shared with parents who have already registered their children for this year’s faith formation program.  It is also explained in the 2017-2018 Life-Long Christian Formation brochure you received in the mail this past week.  

Third, I am also very pleased that we will offering a new ministry called Discovering Christ.  This ministry is also explained in the brochure you recently received.  Discovering Christ will begin in January and the primary purpose is help you discover who Christ is in your life in a friendly and supportive community setting.  It includes lots of discussions and video presentations.  It is a superb program that I believe will be very supportive of everyone’s faith journey.

Fourth, with the assistance of LPI, the communications consultant we have been working with for over the past year, we will begin a parish assessment this fall.  It will include an assessment tool which all of you will be asked to complete online or in writing if needed.  The primary purpose of the assessment tool is to help determine how well your faith life is doing and how the parish can help it grow.  Once the results are summarized they will be shared with you in a series of small group meetings to help build a long term plan for the parish.  I am excited about the approach because it is all about assessing your needs in building the path of your faith journey.

Let us continue to pray for peace and for the end of terrorism in our world!

In peace and courage,


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