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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dear friends,


As you attempt to “Walk with God’s Peace in Harmony” I believe you can assist yourself in achieving this goal by pondering that place in your hearts that only God can fill and to look forward with joyful hope for the coming of Christ. This means not only the coming of Christ in each of our hearts anew every day, but most importantly the coming of Christ the end of time. Hopefully the Advent reflection books that were available in the Gathering Area have helped you ponder and assisted in preparing your hearts for the coming of the Lord.

Yes, Yes, Yes I know Christmas is a time of hustle and bustle and rush to get everything right for Christmas. I pray this is a testimony to your desire to celebrate the season properly, and not a reflection of buying into the culture around promotes through consumerism. Consumerism can be a primary driver of our holiday and we can run the risk of it being the cause to have Christmas snatched away from us. Hopefully dollar signs are not the primary sign of God’s love and unconditional care that we celebrate during the Christmas season.

Be counter-cultural……in some way be a sign of contradiction! Carve out some time to be quiet, to settle down each day to allow that place that only God can fill in each of our hearts. Please take time to recognize the emptiness that only God can fill.

If you are like me you may be tempted to fill that empty space in your life with frantic activity, with food and drink, with substances that do not peak our awareness, rather dulls our humanness. My prayer is that families spend a little time together enjoying each other and reminding each other of God’s love.

One of the greatest gifts I have rediscovered the last few months is taking time each day to just sit and be still. Very frankly I had lost this wonderful experience in my pray-er life, just allowing our God to touch my heart it the quietness. I cannot encourage you enough to discover this wonderful gift, God has so much to say to us if we only let his voice be heard. I am sure some will say I don’t have time to give to the quietness of the day, yes you have time, examine you schedule, I am sure you will find time.

Yes, Advent is a time of awaiting the coming of God’s greatest gift, God’s Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Please give yourself some space and time to discover the greatest gift. As we await and discover do so “Walking with God’s peace in harmony!”

Finally – We really, really need you to do it now!! We are getting closer to our Catholic Ministry Appeal goal of $195,712. Thank you for making your pledge! Your pledge is important to the life of our local Church and to our parish. Please make your gift or pledge this week so we can conclude the Appeal before the Christmas season.

Let us continue to pray and sacrifice for peace in our world!
In peace and courage,



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