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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Dec 13, 2019

Dear Friends,

As we continue to look forward during this Advent season hopefully, we are doing so with great hope in our hearts focused on our Savior.  Please enjoy this time of preparation for the Christmas season.

Thank you to all who have returned you Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA) pledge.  Taking into consideration the current climate in our Church I can understand why we are dragging behind in achieving of CMA goal of $203,413.  However, the reality is if we do not achieve our goal the difference we will have to take the shortfall from other places, and I am not sure what those other places will be.  As explained a couple of times before the ministries of our Diocesan church must continue in these challenging times.  Like our parish, the Diocese is cut to a bare bones operation.  Please consider making your pledge as soon as you can thank you!

I only wish I could repeat this message from just 5 years ago this month.  “Congratulations, for the first time in many years we not only reached our goal, we surpassed our goal for the Catholic Ministry Appeal.  As of Monday, December 10 we are just short of 107% of our goal.

I know there are several people who mentioned to me that they would not be able to give until the last week of December, so there is hope we will arrive at our goal this year.  Please do all you can to help us congratulate ourselves on making and surpassing our CMA goal.

As we enter the last full week of Advent, my prayer is that all of us take time to enjoy the sounds and smells of the season and not let its commercialism overshadow what we are truly celebrating.  As we look forward to the celebration of Christmas, I call your special attention to the times of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses. Please note: For the two Christmas Eve Masses the doors will be unlocked at 3:00 PM, please do not come 2 hours in advance and stand in the cold.  Mass times are 3:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., Midnight and 10:00 a.m.; there will be prelude music before each of the Masses.  Also, in consideration for all, please do not reserve seats for latecomers.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  I am looking forward to a grand celebration of the Christmas season with you. Let us keep each other in prayer.    

On the lighter side:  A Catholic priest, a Protestant minister and a rabbi are discussing what they would like people to say after they die and their bodies are on display in open caskets.  Rabbi: I would like someone to say "He was a righteous man, an honest man, and very generous."  Minister: I would like someone to say, "He was very kind and fair, and he was very good to his parishioners."  Priest: I would want someone to say, "Look, he's moving."  

Let us continue to pray for and take action to bring about peace in our world!

In peace and courage, 


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