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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feb 20, 2019

Dear Friends, 

One of the challenges I face when I am going to be away for a couple weeks is preparing From the Corner Office! articles in advance.  With this in mind, I save articles, prose and poems throughout the year that are timeless, but address topics I view as important.  Recently, I found the prose just below entitled “Everyone is Clergy” by Brian McLaren written on September 3, 2007.  I like it because it addresses an issue facing our Church relative to who ministers and to what degree.  You have certainly heard me say that we all our called to minister by virtue of our Baptism.  Unfortunately, not all of us have integrated this belief into our day-to-day life.  I believe McLean addresses this belief and gives all of us something to reflect on these winter days.   

Now on the lighter side... Teacher: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?  Harold: A teacher!

Let us continue to pray for peace in our world!

In peace and courage, 



By Brian McLaren

Everyone is Clergy: a liturgical reading.

Everyone is clergy. Everyone is called to serve, 

To create, to communicate, 

To participate with our good Creator

 In the making and remaking of our good world.

Everyone is clergy.  Everyone is called to stand,

To struggle, to suffer, to trust and to love,

And so to join in the unmaking of injustice and

In the liberation of earth from every form of sin.

Everyone is clergy.  Everyone is called to holiness,

To faithfulness, to health, to growth,

To serenity and activity,

To the practices of life

In the kingdom of God.

All our daily work is holy. 

Every act of service, 

Every deed of neighborly kindness, 

Every smile or sigh, every touch or tear C

an be a sacramental act expressing the presence of the living God.

Every drop of sweat that falls in honest labor for the common good

Joins with every movement toward others

In the daily liturgy of human work.

Some are given special gifts to equip and inspire others for this daily work of faith

And labor of love.

All are channels of grace, given, received, 

Shared in a symphony of many voices and instruments, 

So the earth may be filled with the glory of God.

You are clergy.  So am I.  Together

We are called to learn God’s music of life

In the unique instruments of our bodies, our persons, our times, our settings.

Then we are sent out to play it with joy and sincerity wherever we go.

Together we are part of a truly apostolic succession:

The people of God sent into the world, generation after generation,

As Jesus was sent by the Father,

In the power of the Holy Spirit,

For the good of the world.

So let us work and rest together, 

Let us play and sing together,

Let us by our faithful lives bring glory to the true and living God.

For we are all clergy

And we are all called.



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