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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dear Friends,
We made it, 2020 is behind us and now we have to remain hopeful that 2021 will be better. Like you, I need to pray daily thanking God for the blessings I do have and pray for healing on so many different fronts of life.
This is a little late, but between early Bulletin deadlines and the important announcement made last Sunday this piece of ministry was put on the back burner until now. I want to THANK EVERYONE who made Christmas so special this year.
I am always moved by the wonderful people who participate in our Christmas Basket program.
Nearly 200 families (1550 individuals) received assistance this year with food and gifts. The wrappers, buyers, delivery people, donators of money and coordinators of the effort all do a spectacular job.
I also extend my thanks to those who care for our worship space and those who prepare it our Christmas celebrations. The cleaners and decorators are a real gift to our parish community; they are to be complimented because they just quietly go about their duties with no great attention asked or given.
Praise to our liturgical ministers who provide our music and proclaim the Word of God, unfortunately no Eucharistic Ministers or Altar Serves this year. I also extend thanks to the greeters and ushers who so patiently welcome people during these unusual times. All these people assist us in worshipping with a passion for excellence.
Finally, to the assembly, thank you for being here to worship, you are what make the celebration of Eucharist so beautiful and fulfilling as we celebrate the birth of Jesus our Brother.
Yes, the COVID protocols are a pain, but if we do not follow them, the pain could be even worse. Over the last few weeks, some parishioners have questioned the COVID protocols we are following here at Transfiguration. At present we are trying, the best we can, to follow the recommendations given to us by health officials. As I stated at the Christmas Masses I hate having to have the greeters and ushers check you in for Mass and then direct to you to a particular pew area. I miss seeing your expressions as you receive the Eucharist; unfortunately, masks cover them. I truly miss not being able to share the Precious Blood with all of you. Please know we are trying our best to follow the guidelines given to us. There are parishes who are much stricter and a few parishes who are much less strict. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope we can put all these protocols to bed sooner rather than later.
Blessing in 2021!
Let us continue to pray for peace in our world!
In peace and courage,


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