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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jul 25, 2018

Dear Friends, 

One rainy day in May 2017 our HVAC contractor, Tom, came to my office door and ask to talk to me privately.  I was thinking he must have a personal matter he needed to discuss.  After he closed my office door, he proceeded to tell me there was 6 inches of water in the HVAC duct work under the church building.  I was relieved to know Tom was not sick, but the problem he just reported set of a chain of events to correct the problem.  As you may remember, I reported to you in June 2017 that the original estimate to correct the problem was $750,000.  The thought was we would have to be out of church for a few months, while we ripped out the concrete floor and put in all new duct work. 

THANK GOD, for our Buildings and Grounds Committee who took on this problem and after many hours of research came up with a much less expensive solution.  We knew we had to find the source of the water, move it away from the building and then move to correcting the interior damage.  Our first step was to have an air quality test completed, second was evaluate the extent of the damage, third correct the drainage problem and finally repair the damaged duct work.  All of this work was completed under the supervision of a civil engineer and mechanical engineer.  The mechanical engineer very generously donated his services.  The final cost of this project, inclusive of air quality inspections, drainage improvements and the repair/sealing of the duct work came to a total of $172,353, obviously far less than the originally estimate of $725,000. 

I want to extend my deep appreciation, on your behalf, to Sandi Lazzaro, our Business and Property Manager and to the members of Buildings and Ground Committee for guiding this project, hopefully having no more water in our ducts!  Amen-Alleluia!   

Next week we celebrate our 35 years as a parish community, a faith community that has worked hard to allow the eyes of love to see and be seen.  We all know seeing with the eyes of love is not always easy, but we know the people of Transfiguration have allowed God’s love to be seen by countless numbers of people who have crossed our parish’s path.  It is wonderful we have been here to experience God’s unconditional love and celebrate 35 years of that love. 

I am looking forward to the many events that we have planned for our Anniversary weekend.  Please plan to participate in as many of these events and celebrations as you can, it will good for your soul and the soul of the parish.

What love means to a 4 - 8 year old?  “You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it.  But, if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.”  Jessica - age 8

Let us continue to pray and sacrifice for peace in our world!

In peace and courage,  


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