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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Jul 5, 2018

Dear Friends, 

I love this coming week; the parish campus comes alive with the excitement of the children of our Parish as they participate in our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Each year VBS takes on another theme and this year the theme is Parachute with the Angels.  The air is filled with laughter, song and a few tears for those who do not adjust easily to new surroundings.  Most importantly, the kids are given wonderful exposure to learning about Jesus in a more relaxed setting.  As I wander around the campus during VBS, I am always impressed with how wonderfully our teens care for the little ones.  The teens care is tender and a power sign of the living Jesus among us.  I always get a kick out what the daily snack is, whatever it is our young friends enjoy it.  I also find amazing the ability of our food coordinators always find a healthy snacks.  VBS is a wonderful week, I am always impressed with the spirit of the volunteers that make it happen and with the children that bring so much life.  Also, a huge thank you to staff members Vicky Ripple, Anne Gallagher and Meg Kastner whose collective imagination makes it happen.  Please feel free to stop by a catch a little bit of the youthful excitement; it is good for the soul.

It pleases me that we have almost completed a number of major capital improvement projects around the parish campus.  The excavation project is completed, with the fond hope that water will now drain away from the church building, thus eliminating the water getting into the ducting work under the building.  With the excavation project complete, we moved ahead to repairing and resealing the ducting.  The combined cost of these two projects is approximated $175,000.  The next major project was the new roof and gutters, which is almost complete, which ended up costing around $125,000; there was some additional cost to this project because some of the plywood on the roof needed to be replaced.  Finally, the new entrance to the parking lot is scheduled to be worked on the week of July 16, at a cost of $36,000.  All of this is being paid for from our Facilities Fund that you generous gifted over the last couple of years….thank you!

Kids and the Bible!  A little something about the higher power:  A VBS teacher said to her children, "We have been learning how powerful kings and queens were in bible times. But, there is a higher power.  Can anybody tell me what it is?"  Liam blurted out, "Aces!"

Let us continue to pray and sacrifice for peace in our world!

In peace and courage, 


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