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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dear friends,

As we wind down the program year and enter the summer season we have some routine changes.  At the same time, we have some challenges ahead of us which, as a parish, we need to address in the near future.

First, I say thank you to the four parishioners who are leaving the Pastoral Council.  Maria Herrera, G.A. Sheller and Jane Vallely are leaving the Council because their 2nd three-year term is completed and Dave Donnelly has resigned because he is moving out of the area.  All four of them gave wise and honest counsel during their terms of service which I totally appreciate.  I look forward to Maria, G.A. and Jane’s continued involvement in our parish and I wish Dave, and his wife Joanie, all the best as they move to the next chapter of their life.

Second, my thanks to those who nominated parishioners for the selection process for new members for the Council.  The nominated include: Kim Fluet, Susan Gangemi, Denise Nunziato, Rich and Allison DiMarco, Vicky Roes, Janice Powalski, Karl Hamann, Mike Goonan, Mary Beth Sullivan, Mike O’Leary, Kathy Landon and Brian Gallagher; there were 4 others who were nominated, but could not accept the nomination.  The new members of the Council will be selected today (Sunday, June 11) at 9:00 AM Mass by a simple selection process which will be done by drawing names from a basket.

We have major physical plant challenges facing us over the next few months.  As you know we are in the process of replacing the HVAC system in the church and replacing the roof on the church and Parish Life Center.  The replacement of the HVAC has been delayed because the lawn is so wet the crane that needs to be used cannot come in for fear it would get stuck in the lawn; hopefully the lawn will be dry enough by the end of June.  The roofing project is still under review, it definitely needs to be replaced, but our architect is evaluating if we need to do it before winter.  It would be nice not to have to spend the money this year, but we will wait for the final evaluation.  We are also gathering bids to replace the entrance to the church parking lot, it continues to deteriorate and to continue to repair the surface is a poor use of resources.  Finally, we are also evaluating the air duct system in the church, it recently came to our attention that the ducts have deteriorated for a variety of reasons.  So you can see, we have a number of building and grounds issues to address this summer and we are doing our best to appropriately prioritize the projects.        

Let us continue to pray for peace and for the end of terrorism in our world!

In peace and courage, 


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