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Sunday, June 12, 2016

There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in our area, some directly connected to our parish ministries and some
part of the larger community we are part of here in Monroe County. One that I am always happy to encourage people to be
part of is our local Elderberry Express.

The Elderberry Express – leaves the station on a regular basis, not necessarily on a regular schedule.
You’ve seen Elderberry Express’ request for volunteer drivers and dispatchers mentioned before in our Bulletin. But I
am often asked: “Now tell me, exactly what the Elderberry Express is?” With the help of Gil Landry, director of Elderberry
Express, here is the answer and a call for volunteers.
The Pittsford Interfaith Coalition on Aging launched this transportation service for Pittsford senior citizens in 1987. The
aim of this service has been to assist Pittsford seniors in remaining independent in their “home setting” as long as possible.
This enabled seniors who can no longer drive to maintain a sense of independence. The service is provided Monday
through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Elderberry Express is now in its 24th year of service. Many clients have expressed
their appreciation for a more meaningful life that Elderberry Express helps provides for them. This service has been the inspiration
to area towns such as Irondequoit and Webster, especially with people living longer creating an increasing need to
provide transportation for older citizens to get to their medical appointments, grocery shopping, hair appointments, banking
activities, etc.

The success of Elderberry Express has always depended on volunteers—volunteer drivers and dispatchers. This volunteerism
does not take a lot of time out of one’s monthly schedule - typically one hour commitment for an appointment. A volunteer
driver helping a couple of times a month would not be taking too much time from his or her own schedule. The need
for more volunteers is always growing. This is, without a doubt, a needed and wonderful service in Pittsford that Transfiguration
supports in many ways. Can you help in maintaining this wonderful service to the Pittsford community? If so, call Gil
Landry at 248-6237.

Several have asked how Bishop Matano’s pastoral visit to the parish went last Sunday. Let me respond by saying
“Thank you” to all for your help and assistance in making the Bishop's visit go so smoothly! A number of you had the opportunity
to introduce yourself and chat with him before or after Mass. Several of you commented how personable he is in conversation.
As the Bishop was leaving he expressed his appreciation for the welcoming attitude, for the music, for smoothness
of the liturgy and for the cleanliness/neatness of the facilities and grounds.

Let us continue to pray for peace and for end of terrorism in our world!
In peace and courage,


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