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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dear Friends, 

WELCOME BACK! It is so good to have so many of you back; I look forward to the day when everyone can return; please continue to pray for safety and health. Are you praying and acting in some way for those who seek justice? Let us take a moment and pray for all of those who have been harmed physically and emotionally by the confrontations between protesters and police. Calls for change bring about huge emotions on both sides.  This, sadly, has created situations where people have been harmed. Please keep them in your prayers.   Locally, that is down the road 70 miles; pray specifically for Martin Gugino from Amherst.  You may know him as the 75 year old protester who was knocked down by police in Buffalo and cracked his head open. Per Religion News Service, he is “a devout Catholic...who is a passionate advocate for multiple causes on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised. Gugino spent his retirement lending a hand to multiple causes, among them Black Lives Matter.    “Martin has a passion for social justice,” said Mark Colville, who runs Amistad Catholic Worker in New Haven, Connecticut. “When he sees wrong he wants to be involved in making it right.”” religionnews.com/2020/06/09/martin -gugino-is-a-catholic-peace-activist-not-a-antifa-provocateur-friends-say/ 
 Bishop Edward Scharfenberger, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Buffalo also spoke out on his behalf saying, “We stand with all who demonstrate peacefully and speak out against abuse of power and injustice of every kind.  We honor Mr. Gugino’s witness and service to the Catholic Worker Movement.”

Things change when people are willing to sacrifice themselves to make this change. Be aware of where the pushback is coming from and pray for everyone in our nation as we take a hard look at our systems and ourselves as we weed out the sin of racism.  Inserted in today’s Bulletin is a chart entitled “Becoming Anti-Racist”. This chart is for your reflection and prayer as we consider our attitudes concerning racism in our culture, society and most importantly in our own spirit as a Christian. We use the chart with the permission of the New Ground Creations https://www.newgroundcreations.com/, a youth/young adult organization located in the United Kingdom.

Is there a connection between Climate Crisis, Pope Francis’ encyclical A Laudato Si’ (Our Common Home) and COVID-19 pandemic?  There is a connection! I say this because there are numerous legitimate studies saying there is definitely a connection.  The COVID-19 pandemic is brutal proof of a truth asserted by Pope Francis: Everything is connected. Politics, the economy, health care and our faith in a loving God; these concerns are all one. Care for the Earth, our common home is more than a political reality; although it is most certainly.  Care for the Earth, our common home is more than an economic reality, but again, it is that most certainly. Care for the Earth, our common home, is a spiritual matter. There is no simple health crisis, no single environmental problem, no problematic financial struggle, no simple political process. Everything is connected!  There are numerous websites that you can follow to help you stay in touch with the spiritual realm, the political realm, the fiscally responsible realm of our Care for our Common Home.  One my favorite websites that addresses this issue is the Association of United Catholic Priests (AUSCP) auscp.org/.

Let us continue to pray for and take action to bring about peace in our world! 
In peace and courage, 


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