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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mar 21, 2019

Dear Friends,

As Lent unfolds, how are you doing with Making Visible,God’s Works

One of the most basic places we need to see and experience “Making Visible God’s Works” is in within our family and home.  I have experienced many family conversations, both in my own family, friend’s families and in the homes of many other people.  The tone of the conversation can take many different paths ranging from friendly banter to angry exchange of feelings.  Whatever the case may be it recently struck me that family gatherings can take on the image a synod, a word normally limited to describe an assembly of the clergy and sometimes the laity in a diocese.  In fact, Bishop Matthew Clark convened a Diocesan Synod in 1983 when representatives from every parish gathered with him and others to discuss and set goals for our Diocesan family.

To some, the purpose of a Church synod is to discuss the current state of affairs in our Church. With this in mind, a new word has crept into these conversations "synodality”.  Michael Sean Winters, author of the Distinctly Catholic NCR column defines "synodality” this way.  "Synodality is about more than structures. It is about listening to each other.  Synodality requires that we do not seek to 'win' an argument about what the church should do, so much as we, together, seek the Spirit's prompting and move forward together, always together.  Synodality is about much more than simply a different mode of decision-making.  It is about putting childish ways aside and becoming adult Christian disciples.  It carries forward the vision and the ecclesiology of Vatican II and, more importantly, of the Gospels."

This definition struck me as something we should all, as the saying goes, take some time to chew on, especially as we prepare for gatherings of family, friends, co-worker or fellow worshippers!

I hope you find these thoughts helpful as you continue your Lenten journey.

Just a thought to leave with you:  All things in life are temporary.  If they're going well, enjoy them... They will not last forever.  If they're going wrong, don't worry.  They can't last long either.

Have a great and blessed Lent!   

In peace and courage, 


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