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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mar 28, 2019

Dear Friends, 

As Lent unfolds, how are you doing with Making Visible God’s Works, as our Lenten theme calls us to? 

As we work each day Making Visible God’s Works I thought I would take a little different approach how this may apply to raising kind, honorable children who remain close to their families as a value most parents share.  Research suggests that a family that “plays and prays together, stays together ”, that is, one with a strong spiritual core, is the key to such success. 

 Recently I came across a “Family Connectivity Quiz” that might get you thinking about how well your family “works” and what you might be able to do to strengthen it.  No family is perfect; in fact, it is through the ups and downs of family life, that one learns important skills for navigating the world.  Please don’t view this quiz as something to make you feel guilty, but rather as something that might end up provoking some important discussions in your home.  It is just another way of Making Visible God’s Works

Answer TRUE or FALSE:

___You have scheduled predictable time to gather with your family just for fun.

___You have discussed family rules and consequences, and re-evaluate the appropriateness of these rules at least annually.

___You tuck your young children into bed each night that you are home.

___You eat at least one meal together most days.

___“Put downs” and mean-spirited teasing are not allowed in your home.

___You have laughed together at least once this week!

___You listen to each other with respect, even when you disagree.

___You usually are aware of what your child worries about.

___You talk about your family history and traditions.

___You provide opportunities for each family member to be heard (e.g. family meetings, mealtime sharing, carpool conversations)

___Your family watches less than 10 hours of TV a week.

___You have restriction on how much time family members can use computers and smart phones.

___You don’t expect perfection.  Trying hard is applauded and lessons are learned from mistakes. 

___Your family worships together regularly and discusses spiritual beliefs.

 If you answered “False” to only one or two questions, congratulate yourself and your family members!  You’re doing amazingly well at keeping your family connected in a stressful world.  If you answered “False” to more than six of these statements, you may consider having a family meeting soon to talk about how you can take more time for and better care of each other.

 In any case, I hope this little quiz spurs a good discussion in your household.     

I hope these thoughts and quiz are useful as we continue to grow as a family, in your faith and fulfill your responsibility of being good examples to our younger friends and family members.       

Please, have a blessed Lent, as you are Making Visible,God’s Works!

Let us continue to pray and sacrifice for peace in our world!

In peace and courage, 


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