Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Praying your “continuing Journey to Jerusalem” has been experiencing Lenten blessings as we come to understand more deeply God’s Everlasting Love!

As promised, Father Rob Bourcy and I are pleased to share with you the work of our Clustering Committee.

Creating a new weekend Mass schedule is something many of you have been discussing and asking questions of the Clustering Committee and myself.

     After the below invitation to take part in the Survey, you will find information from the Clustering Committee.  Please take the time to read and prayerfully reflect on the questions being asked of you.

Note that we seek your responses and invite you to go HERE and fill out the survey; the survey will also be available on the Sunday afternoon email. If you need a “hard copy”, you may pick one up in the Parish Office or Gathering Area. Please submit your input on line or drop off the “hard copy” at the Parish Office or in church by Wednesday March 17.

We are “Continuing the Journey to Jerusalem” as we embrace the Second Sunday of Lent. This weekend the Gospel (Mark 9:2-10) tells the magnificent account of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Peter acclaims in the experience “It is good that we are here.”

The passage takes on new meaning for all of us as we prepare to cluster with our neighbors to the south. Saint Catherine with her zeal saying “be everything you’re meant to be and you’ll set the world on fire” and Peter’s “It is good that we are here” come together for the graces and blessings of our two faith communities.

Last week I told you that the Clustering Committee met on President’s Day evening. I said I would share an update of our gathering. Here it is.

“On February 15th Parish Pastoral Council representatives from the Church of the Transfiguration and Saint Catherine of Siena met by Zoom.

After an opening prayer Chairpersons Jennifer Yates (SCS) and Mike Goonan (Transfiguration) shared what has been heard in regard to creating a new, amicable mass schedule. Both said that the travel time for the priest and time for socializing between the priest and parishioners were important. The Clustering Committee is conscious that we want to make sure that all is equitable for each parish and that there is no appearance of favoritism.

Suggested times were discussed, thinking as of now, that two masses on Saturday and two masses on Sunday, one each day at each parish, could be manageable. Consideration was also made to Saturdays when there are funerals and/or weddings and the need to allow sufficient time for programs on Sunday mornings.

The discussion was also influenced by the report tracking mass attendance over the last five years. It was noted that the most popular masses for Transfiguration and Saint Catherine were not at the same time. The group is aware that the least amount of change the better so that this new transition will succeed.

Chairpersons Jennifer Yates and Mike Goonan have created a report that is included in this weeks bulletin.  The report will be provided as a bulletin insert with main points addressing the new Mass schedule.

There will also be a survey going out for feedback. Graciously, Ann Smith (Transfiguration) and Karen Zielinski (SCS) offered to review the data received. This will then be communicated to everyone.

The Clustering Committee, after consultation with parishioners and endorsement by both of the Parish Pastoral Councils, will make the decision.

Again, be assured of our prayerfulness and heartfelt commitment to keep everyone informed of our Clustering planning.”

May the Lord continue to bless our journey forward!

Please keep the Clustering Committee in your prayers. It is a good group that well represents our two faith communities.

Blessing in 2021!

Let us continue to pray for peace in our world!

In peace and courage,


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