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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

May the grace and peace of Easter remain with you always!

I cannot put words together to describe the joy and thankfulness I feel in my heart for the prayerful and joyful celebration of my 40th Anniversary of Ordination the weekend of April 27.  A beautiful time to celebrate as we are in the midst of the Easter season, which brings all the signs of new life that, during our celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection. 

It was good to have so many of my family and friends here to celebrate with the Transfiguration community.  Folks traveled from Alabama, Michigan, downstate New York, Florida, Rhode Island and from parishes I once served.  I am very appreciative of all who came together to celebrate who we are as Church.

Many folks assisted in variety of ways to pull the events of the weekend together, I thank all of them for their willingness.  My particular thanks goes to the Co-Chairs, which include Rose Volker, Jane Vallely, Sue Gangemi and Margie Benza; their ability to organize is beyond description.

Many of our visitors expressed deep appreciation for the quality of our liturgy, especially our music.  I extend my thanks to all of our different music groups who came together to provide music of quality and holiness.  Specifically, my thanks to Sue Wallace for bring it all together!  It was especially meaningful to have Bishop Emeritus Matthew Clark with us for Mass on Saturday, as he celebrates his 40th anniversary as a bishop.  All these elements helped us worship with a passion for excellence as a community of faith.

Thank you to all who planned and carried out the reception after the 11:00 AM Mass on Sunday, it was just right!  We had plenty of time to visit and share fond memories of life and ministry at Transfiguration. 

Finally, thank you to those who were able to attend the dinner at the Burgundy Basin, what great fun.  It was a wonderful collection of friends, family and parishioners.  The organizing committee did a splendid job making it a warm and welcoming atmosphere of Christian friendship.  I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations, the food and, most importantly, the speakers who shared a wide variety of stories about yours’ truly.  Some of the stories were perhaps a little expansion on the truth, but most of the storied had some basis in truth.  In any case, there were many laughs and good spirited fun filled enjoyment.

In conclusion, thank you for your loving support and encouragement as I continue the journey as priest and fellow Christian.  Your example is a sure proof of God’s Promise of a Covenant of Love! 

I will be away this week for the annual Diocesan Convocation with Bishop Matano, we are gathering in Corning this year.  Please keep the priests and Pastoral Administrators of the Diocese in your prayers, thanks!

Let us continue to pray for peace in our world!

In peace and courage,


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