Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dear friends,

Parish Pastoral Council, what do they do?  Here is what one former Moderator/Chairperson of the Pastoral Council said about the Council. 

“We are a group of parishioners who offer our collective time and insights to Father Mike, the staff and the community of Transfiguration.  During my time on the PPC we evaluated our parish programs, and began the evaluation of the use of the seven acres of our property.  We are one of Father Mike’s “sounding boards” as he shepherds this flock.  Each month we learn more about the incredible parish programs represented by the Cluster reports and the parish staff.” 

This was written by a person who truly understand that our parish is all of us working together primarily for our spiritual growth and nourishment, but also care for the temporal needs of the parish.  Temporal needs include, but not limited to, the care of our buildings, financial stability and appropriate compensation and benefits for our employees and risk management. 

At least once a year, and as needed, the Pastoral Council meets with the Finance Council.  Someone said these meetings are when the right and left brains meet.  When the two Councils come together they normally review financial results and the plans for the year ahead.  These are two very different Councils, with one common purpose – to enable the parishioner’s and staff of Transfiguration to realize “How good it is for us to be here”.  The two Councils are not “technically” responsible to each other, but they are responsible to you for the common good of who we are as a faith community. 

I thank all members of these two Council for their commitment to convene regularly, to listen carefully and comment prayerfully, always with the best intentions.  Your commitment is a vital resource for our parish.  The major issues the Pastoral Council and Finance Council have begun to deal with are the financial stability of our parish and how do we deal with our buildings as they become older.  Please know they continue to give me their feedback, on a wide variety of topics, which is primarily based on what they hear from you, the parishioner. 

Over my 15 years as your pastor the Councils have dealt with a number of important issues, such as the revamping of our Formation Department, the best use of our property, the changing of the Mass schedule, our 25th anniversary celebration and many others issues of lesser or greater degrees.  I hold Council’s advice as a precious gift as I continue my efforts to shepherd this parish community. 

We are very fortunate to have so many highly talented and dedicated people in our parish.  With this in mind please consider how you can best serve our parish; especially if you are asked to serve on one of the two Councils or on a committee. 

Let us continue to pray for peace and for the end of terrorism in our world! 

In peace and courage,


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