Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

We now know who our President will be after January 20, 2021. I
hope that we can put our partisan differences aside and work for the common
good. We are so blessed to share in freedom and independence of
this Country; we must come together to protect these wonderful gifts. Let
us begin with prayer for all our elected representatives and may our actions
be reflective of our prayers.

I am inspired by a reflection offered by Bishop John Stowe, OFM
Conv, Bishop of Lexington and President of Pax Christi USA. With his
inspiration, I offer you these thoughts.

Similar to many of you I did not wake up on November
4th expecting to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with the neighbors whose
yard signs offended me for the last several weeks. I hope we can put
those hurts aside and move ahead as American and Christian.

I was pleased with the unusually high number who voted and participated
in our democracy, as we know it. I believe that as a spiritual
leader it was a vote for a measured and scientific approach to the current
global pandemic, for humanitarian and life-affirming policies at our southern
border, for affirmation of human rights and dignity. I believe this great
gift of being able to vote once again confirmed the importance of three
separate but equal branches of government, which our Constitution calls
for as a Country.

I fully realized, on November 4th, that the final results would be
hours, days or weeks away. The anxiety of having to wait for several
days was not really a problem because my heart was full of gladness because
of the huge number of people who voted. We know of so many
countries, in our world, who do not have the freedom to vote and chose
their leaders, all I can do is say THANK YOU for this United States.

One final note, please do everything you can to make you pledge to
the Catholic Ministries Appeal as soon you can. Please be assured none
of your contribution will be used for the ongoing litigation the Diocese is
involved in now. We are very dependent on the Diocese to assist us in
our parish ministries, so your contribution is vital for the good of Transfiguration.

Let us continue to pray for and take action to bring about peace in
our world!


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