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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dear Friends,

What a wonderful summer it has been and we have much to be thankful for as we move in the direction of fall. Thank you God for the time we have had at a little slower pace and hopefully enjoy family and friends in a variety of settings.

Now it is off to the routine of life and the many activities that need to tended to as individuals, families and as a parish community. As individuals,  is this a good time of year to examine our mental, physical and spiritual health?

I am always surprised at the number of folks that come to me and want advice on what they should do for feeling so lifeless. After a few questions it becomes obvious that they have not dealt with some event it there life. Some event such as the death of loved one, or one of their children has separated themselves from the family or one of a thousand other traumatic events they have been swept under the rug. Events like this are enough to depress you and they need to be put into perspective. It also surprises me the number of people who have not seen a doctor for years and have no primary physician. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I regularly speak with parishioners and others who have never had a conversation with anyone relative to their spiritual life or relationship with God. So, as we get back into the routine of life perhaps it is time to step aside, if you have already not gone so, please care for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

I would also encourage to perhaps take a review of the health of your family. I certainly don't come from a perfect family, but I believe we do so by simply touching base with each other on a fairly regular bases. Like all families we have our differences, but for the most part we are able to enjoy each other's company. I am concerned about families that have no faith base. I realize our society is radically different from I grew up in the 1950s and 60s, unfortunately one major difference is our society's relationship with faith and connection with organized religion. Please take time to examine your family's health.

Finally, how’s the health of the Parish? Based on the survey you responded to in June, I would say we are in good health and people seem to be pleased with the level and quality of ministries and activities being offered. Of all the surveys returned there was one which stated we are not very hospitable. I take the comment seriously, but I found it interesting considering we are complimented on how friendly we are as a parish community. Last week you received the Parish’s Annual Report which reflects we are in good health, with the exception we are “living on the edge” financially. We always need more people to offer their Time and Talents, especially in the areas of Liturgical Ministers (Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Serves, Coordinators, Greeters, etc.) and catechetical leaders are always needed (teachers, aides, Children Liturgy leaders, etc.). In conclusion, we are faced with some major repair and renovation projects in the immediate future and over the next few years. They total around $450,000 and include new heating and cooling in the church, new roofs, driveway repairs and carpet replacement, to mention a few. Believe me, you will be hearing more about this in the very near future.

Let us continue to pray for peace in our world!
In peace and courage,


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