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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sep 14, 2017

Dear friends,

On a recent Sunday morning as we were beginning Mass, I couldn’t help noticing the ‘eagle eye look’ that a dad gave to his son who was wearing a baseball hat in church.  Within a microsecond the boy’s hat was off his head.  Amazing what an ‘eagle eye look’ can do!  Last Christmas Eve the church was packed.  I had just finished breaking the Bread and was beginning to say, “Behold this is the Lamb of God…..” when suddenly from the shirt pocket of a gentleman sitting in the front pew...“The Battle Hymn of the Republic” starts playing.  Yes, you got it; another cell phone strikes the heart of our faith community! A friend of mine visited a local country club and came home with a little place card that caught his attention.  The card, signed by the Board of Governors, stated the policy of the country club.  It read:    

Cell Phone - use is not permitted in the clubhouse at any time.  Please set your cell phone to the silent mode upon entering the club property.  If you must talk on the phone, please step outdoors or into a public hallway so as not to interfere with others.

Hats - all gentlemen must remove their hats anytime they enter the clubhouse.  Hats are not permitted in the bar or dining areas.

Clothing - traditional good attire must be worn on club property at all times.  For men, collared shirts shall be worn and for women collared shirts are preferred, but tasteful collarless clothing is acceptable.  For both men and women Bermuda shorts are acceptable but at no time are blue jeans, spandex, tee shirts, sweatpants or tank tops permitted.

As my friend and I reviewed these rules from the Board of Directors I thought to myself and smiled, if a country club can expect its members to abide by these simple mandates of common courtesy and good taste, shouldn’t it also be true in the place where the Church gathers to worship, not to mention in the presence of our God. 

I know we are not a country club and I don’t want to be a “stick in the mud” about what people wear to church, but good manners and sensitivity toward others does reflect a respect for others.  Dressing up for church is not an unreasonable expectation.  The days of wearing your “Sunday best” certainly have given way to more relaxed times.  I invite all members of our community to be sensitive to what you wear when we come together to celebrate the Eucharist.

I know some of you may be saying, “enough already” about cell phones and hats, but please try to remember to silence your phone when you come into church.  I also know that it’s stylish for young men to wear baseball caps everywhere they go, but please remember that it’s also a mark of respect to remove your hat when you come indoors, particularly into church.  Transfiguration has always embraced a more relaxed environment, which I fully support and want to continue the spirit of openness to all. 

Let us continue to pray for peace and for the end of terrorism in our world!

In peace and courage, 

PS – In days gone by there was a sign on the window next to the Chapel door with the following message.  The sign is gone, but the message is something worth a reminding all of us relative to the purpose of the Chapel.



Please enjoy your time of prayer in this sacred room! The primary purposes of the Chapel are:

  • the reservation of the Eucharistic,
  • weekday services (Masses or Communion Services),
  • private prayer at any time
  • during weekend Masses it is to serve as a quieter place for younger children, and their parents and for our friends with disabilities.

Because of the sacredness of this room we respectfully ask you to avoid using it for the feeding (snacks, cereal, etc.) of children, the changing of diapers or as a playroom.

There is a nursery located in the Parish Life Center (PLC) and there is a diaper changing station in the Rest Rooms in the PLC.



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