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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

There are many different understandings of what it mean to be pro-life, some of understandings are narrow in focus and some have a wider perspective of pro-life. By advocating "Every Person’s Dignity", Catholic Social Teaching asserts the great sacredness of every human being. We must respect life – all of life, conception to grave, even after. Life is about much more than conception and birth. ‘Pro-life’ means to many opposition to abortion and euthanasia. During this political season, the more narrow focus of pro-life becomes primary in the media. Following Catholic Social Teaching pro-life requires being fully “pro” on many issues, for your reflection I offer you this list: +pro-health care of the born and all the living, +pro-family, +pro-living wages, +pro-decent housing for all, +pro-peace, +pro-poor, +pro-equal justice, +pro-care for creation, +pro- quality education for all, +pro-childcare when parents have to work, +pro-employment, +pro-migrants, +pro-refugees, +pro-environment, +pro-gun safety, +pro-responsible driving, +pro-life without parole vs. execution, +pro-encouraging/enabling the struggling and marginalized, +pro-the whole hu-man race which God creates and loves.

Forming our consciences requires attention to all dimensions of “pro-life”. God calls us to work for the common good rather than just my good and my better life.

Voting is a civic responsibility and a moral act. As we prepare to vote, we are called to awaken our conscience to what pro-life means. Then we can bring our conscience to weigh in faithfully on our voting decisions.

Let us continue to pray for and take action to bring about peace in our world!
In peace and courage,


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