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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dear Friends,

There is lots going on around here, which is exciting and reflects how healthy Transfiguration is as a parish.  For well over a year, we have been involved in the Building for the Future Planning Process and the sub-committees (Culture, Finance, Pastoral Ministry, Communications and Buildings and Grounds) are now putting flesh on the bones of the plan. Over the next several months, you will continue to hear about the work of the sub-committees, today I want to share with you the new Parish Mission Statement, which comes from the Culture Committee and has been approved by the Pastoral Council.  

Parish Mission Statement

We, the Church of the Transfiguration, are a vibrant Roman Catholic faith community committed to welcoming all.  Rooted in the teachings of Jesus and guided by the Holy Spirit, we care for each other and provide faith and spiritual formation and development for all ages.  We live this out by advocating for peace, nonviolence, social justice, and providing opportunities for social ministry outreach.  

Approved by the Parish Council, September 10, 2018

I believe this truly reflects who we are and who we want to be as we move ahead.  Stay tuned!  The next document they will be working on is the Parish Profile.  The Profile is a document that is meant to describe the parish in day-to-day ordinary language and how we carry out our ministries.  All the sub-committees are always looking for additional assistance, especially in the area of communications; if interested in assisting please call the Parish Office and we will point you the right direction.   

The second area of ministry that is very busy right now is the many formations programs that are just getting underway.  A couple of weeks ago Anne Gallagher, our Pastoral Associate for Formation and Youth Ministry, gave an overview of them in her post-Communion comments.  Just to remind you, they include middle school and senior high youth group, Confirmation preparation; our family faith formation program Bridges of Faith, the Discovering Christ course for adults, the 19th Annotations, JustFaith, bible study programs, and the list goes on-and-on.  All these opportunities are meant to deepen your closeness with God and assist you in finding new ways to share your gifts, and to serve and to lead our parish.   Please take a moment to look through the Life Long Faith Formation booklet that we mailed to you several weeks ago – there really is something for everyone.

Internationally known speaker Rex Gatto recently shared his reflections on Six Leadership Habits for members of the Priesthood. His reflections appeared in The Priest Magazine.  Gatto noted: “Now, maybe more than ever, we need priests who demonstrate leadership through confidence, competence and compassion, and who are role models for one another and their parishioners.”  Here are the headings of the leadership habits Gatto noted: *Be Organized, *Have a Team Approach, *Have the Will to Succeed, *Keep Moving toward the Goal, *Develop Personal Resilience and *Understand the Complexity of Technology.  I thought these were good habits to keep in mind.

Let us continue to pray and sacrifice for peace in our world!

In peace and courage, 


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