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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dear Friends, 

I begin by thanking you for expressing your support of me, especially over the last several weeks, but in the wider spectrum over the last several years as we deal with the sex abuse crisis and resulting scandal.  Your encouragement is a heartfelt gift in my life during these challenging days.  We all have to remember the ministry of Church must continue and I hope we keep this in mind during our darker days of responding to our Baptismal call.

When life, as a priest, becomes a struggle, I call up this list of qualities and characteristics of a priest and prospective priesthood candidates.  I usually ask these as questions during my reflection time.  I believe these can be used as you reflect on your Baptismal call. 

  • A personal relationship with God integrated through prayer and  seen as important part of his life.
  • Has the ability and willingness to talk about his faith. • Has some involvement in his local parish.
  • Has the desire to serve others. • Motivated by the mission of Jesus and has an ability to articulate it.
  • Willing to sacrifice personally for the service of the Gospel. • Possesses a keen sense of empathy.
  • A person of integrity.
  • An awareness of God’s omnipotent presence.
  • Others have mentioned that he would make a good priest.
  • One who is approachable. • Possesses a psycho-sexual-socio maturity.
  • Has the ability to collaborate with others. • Takes initiative and takes responsibility for his actions.
  • Possesses the skills of self-mastery and discipline.
  • Has shown the capacity and evidence of living a chaste celibate life.
  • Has healthy relationships with men, women and children.
  • Has average intelligence, common sense, good physical and emotional health.
  • The celebration of the Sacraments are important to him.
  • Has the ability to nurture another person's growth.
  • Is open to and respectful of all people.
  • Recognizes the need to both give and accept support from others.

Again, thank you for your many kindnesses and love. 

Let us continue to pray for and take action to bring about peace in our world!

In peace and courage, 


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