Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Family Playlist - Faith and Fun Filled Summer

Summer is here! On this playlist, you will find ways to help families connect with their Catholic faith during the summer months.  Summer is a wonderful time to find God in the everyday.

Over the summer, parents often have the joy of more interaction with their kids when school and homework have faded into mere memory. Long road trips, lazy pool days, car rides to the movie theater, and walks to the park take residence on our calendars instead. Such fertile soil for fun chats! here are some questions to get you started,

  • What made you laugh today? 
  • When did you help someone recently?
  • What’s been a challenging part of your day?
  • How have you experienced God or where have you seen God?

  • Enjoy the Water: Get out your child’s baptismal candle and light it each week. Talk about the importance of baptism, the waters of new life, and the light of Christ they received. Go swimming, do water activities or have rainy-day fun to make the connection to Christ as the “living water” who saves us. 
  • Enjoy the Time: Summer gives us more light and, usually, more outdoor time together. Plan a once-a-week outdoor meal. Begin with a family prayer — one you’ve written together.
  • Enjoy the Events: Summer is a time of special events like reunions, parades, fairs, ballgames, and concerts. Each time you attend an event, make a list of the blessings you received. Say a short prayer for the success of the event before you go.