Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Family Playlist-Loving God and Each Other

Wonder about these as a family

  •  I wonder what "love is happy with the truth" means.
  •  I wonder how we can love like this all the time.
  •  I wonder why love is the greatest gift.
  •  I wonder what you can do to show love to others.

Dear God, thank you for your gift of love.

You loved us so much you sent Jesus to show us how to love others.

Help us each day to practice loving others the way you love us. Amen.

Here are some ideas for service to the poor and vulnerable. Determine the activities that are the most practical for your group or your family. Keep in mind that no one can do everything, but each of us can do something.

  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  • Collect food to donate, you can drop it off at Transfiguraiton. We have an ongoing food donation for area agencies 
  • Donate clothing to an organization that distributes clothes to those who are poor or homeless.
  • Learn more about the products you purchase. Investigate who makes them and under what conditions they are made.
  • Save money from allowances or jobs to give to a good charity.
  • Visit a Web site such as www.povertyusa.org and make a list of what you learned about poverty in the United States.

Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day