Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Formation Playlists

What is a Faith Playlist?


A Playlist is a menu of micro-experiences to help support you in your daily personal prayer. Each monthly Playlist will connect to a theme and include links to Scripture passages, songs to pray with, blog articles, journal prompts, hands-on activities, podcasts, etc.  The idea is to put prayer tools right in your hands (literally – on your phone!), so that you can find it easier to spend a few minutes with God each day.  Try spending just 5 minutes a day with the monthly playlist to start growing your habit of daily prayer.


Our monthly themes this fall for Adult Playlists will explore Cultivating Virtues for Our Times, with September’s playlist focusing on Living Faith in an Anxious World.  In these very uncertain and unsettling times, our Playlists in the coming months will help you to strengthen the spiritual muscles we all need to cope with today's challenges.

Our Teens' Playlists will also focus on Living Faith in an Anxious World, with special attention given to growing in relationship with Jesus, peers, and caring adult mentors who can support you on your journey of faith.

For Children and Families, the September playlist explores how God Makes Everything.  


Click the links below for the growing library of playlists for families, teens, and adults. 

Coming Soon -- September 1, 2020!