Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Teen Playlist Summer Spirituality

This playlist is filled with ideas to help you slow down, celebrate, and just be with God during these summer months.

This summer we are embracing the idea of Sabbath time -- time apart from our everyday responsibilities and routines, given to God.

Time to rest.  Time to rejoice.  Time to refresh.

May the offerings below help you move deeper into prayer, rest, rejuvenation, and relationship this summer.


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Why not take a deep dive into praying the Psalms this summer? 

There are 150 Psalms altogether, so you could pray through all of them in a few months by reading a few a day.

Here are some Psalms that are especially meaningful for summer prayer:

                       Psalm 23

                       Psalm 27

                       Psalm 34

                       Psalm 46

                       Psalm 104

                       Psalm 150

And here are some more Scripture passages for summer reflection as you rest in God:   

                       Isaiah 40:28-31

                       Isaiah 43:1-2

                       Isaiah 43:18-19

                       Isaiah 55

                       Genesis 2:1-3

                       Matthew 6:25-34

                       Matthew 11:28-30

                       Luke 10:38-42

                       John 14:27

                       John 15:4-11        

Here are some blog posts with great ideas on how to embrace summer spirituality:

                        Good Morning Beautiful:  Glorify God in Your Morning Routine 

                         Holy Hobbies:  Finding God in the Things You Love

                        Things That Aren't Helping Your Mental Health

                        20 Ways to Make Your Friday Night Anything But Boring

                        How to Keep Growing Over Break

                        Five Lessons in Summer Camp Spirituality    


Here's what the Bible Project has to say about the Scriptural idea of Sabbath.

Father Mike Schmitz talks about the difference between striving and abiding: Are You Busy Doing the Right Things?

From Ascension Presents:  We've All Forgotten How to Celebrate.

To explore different prayer styles this summer:

                       From Catholic Central:  Praying With the Bible

                       From Catholic Central:  Lectio Divina

                       Our Transfiguration Parish Staff takes you through our favorite Prayer Styles in this video series on our YouTube page. 


Matt Redman, 10,000 Reasons

Third Day, God of Wonders

Michael W. Smith, Breathe

Needtobreathe, Testify

Needtobreathe, Something Beautiful

Sidewalk Prophets, Live Like That

Audrey Assad, New Every Morning

Matt Maher, Alive and Breathing

Steve Angrisano, Table of Life

Steve Angrisano, My Soul Is Thirsting

Goretti Girls, Holy Spirit Song

Kari Jobe, Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest)

Hawk Nelson, Live Like You're Loved

Sanctus Real, The Face of Love

Hawk Nelson, Right Here With You

Hawk Nelson, Faithful


Spend some time in prayer (just in your head or maybe writing/sketching in your journal) wondering:

  • Take a moment to write down the gifts God has given you (people, opportunities, blessings, even small moments each day that make you smile). Say a prayer of gratitude for these gifts.
  • How do you experience Sabbath time?  In other words, time that is separate from your normal busy routine -- time not to work, but to pray and rest.
  • What helps you feel at peace, rested, and in the presence of God?
  • What's one prayer style you'd like to experiment with this summer?
  • When have you experienced a feeling of just being with God, with no need to do anything special? (we call this "abiding")
  • What's one ritual you could add to your summer routine to help you grow in your spiritual life and relationship with God?


Here's a 10-minute audio meditation on self-awareness from God In All Things:  Who Am I?

Summer is a great time to embrace the Ignation Examen prayer to reflect on your day (or a longer period of time).  

You might like to try one of these versions:

                        10-minute audio from God In All Things:  Taken, Blesed, Broken, Given Examen

                        18-minute visual Prayer of Examen from Fuller Studios

Here's a one-minute reflection:  Reflecting on This Summer Day.

Three-minute retreats from Loyola Press:

                         God Is With Us

                         Follow the Joy    

                         The Heart of it All

                         God's Abundant Blessings   


Download this Find Your Slow Summer guide from SALT Project, full of suggestions for making the most of summer spirituality. 

                         Click HERE for the digital verson. 

                         Click HERE for the printable version.

Make time for conversation with a grandparent or other mentor in your life.  Try these 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Elders.

As you enjoy the outdoors this summer, remember to care for God's Creation.  Here are some ideas to Embrace Your Inner Environmentalist

Summer's a great time to nurture the habit of journaling.  Here are some writing prompts and tips for Jumping Back Into Journaling. 


Spend an hour with Drawn Into Friendship:  An Interactive Art Retreat from the Jesuits.

God In All Things is offering an Ignation Prayer Deep Dive live 3-week course twice this summer via Zoom.

Pray As You Go has a series of 25-minute audio meditations on creation and nature:  The Earth Sessions.


(You can find more Prayer Playlists for teens HERE.)