Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Teen Playlist: Faith in a Relational World

This month's prayer playlist is all about how God has created us for relationship -- with him and with each other. 

Jesus calls us into relationship with him just as he called his first disciples. 

Our human relationships reflect God's love for us and give us a place to practice loving as God loves.

The offerings below will help you explore your relationship with God and how faith speaks into your relationships with other people.

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You can find our focus Scripture passage of the month here:

                      Luke 5:1-11           Jesus calls his first disciples

And you can watch a beautiful version of this scene from the show The Chosen HERE.


Here are some blogs from Lifeteen about forging positive relationships:

                      Get advice about building real social connection:

                                                     Survival in the Digital Age

                      Learn how to be a better friend:

                                                     10 Steps to Becoming a Better Listener

                      Improve your family relationships:

                                                      Go Home and Love Your Family 



                        Father Mike Schmitz talks about How to Get Real Friends

                        Learn the difference between True Friendship vs. Toxic Friendship

                        Catholic Central's take on What Is Love?

                        For a super-joyful example of how the loving support of others can help you be your true self, watch this rehearsal of

                                    "This is Me" from The Greatest Showman HERE 


Here are some songs about what relationship with God is like:

                        Lauren Daigle, You Say

                        Jonathan Taylor, I Trust You

                        Matt Maher, What a Friend

                        Tauren Wells, Known 

                         Audrey Assad, Known

Here are some songs about how faith blesses our relationsips with other people:

                         Michael W. Smith, Friends

                         Matt Maher, Hold Us Together



Spend some time in prayer (just in your head, or maybe writing/sketching in your journal) wondering:

                        Who's in your circle?  What trusted adults and good friends can you count on to be there for you when things get rough?

                        Is there someone in your life who models for you how to handle pressure well and how to connect well with others?  Can you reach out to this person to spend some time with them?

                        What are some of the things that make your family special?  What do you like best about your family?

                        When your family experiences tense or anxious moments, what helps?  What makes things worse?

                        From what you know of stories about what Jesus said and did, what about him would you want to incorporate into the way you interact with family and friends?

                         What's your biggest hope for your relationship with God right now?


Try these 3-minute retreats from Loyola Press:

                        Where Two Or Three Are Gathered     

                        God is Near         

Here are some four-minute audio reflections from Pray As You Go to help you get centered for prayer (featuring a very soothing, Bristish voice!):

                        Preparing for Prayer:  Body     (body scan meditation)

                        Preparing for Prayer:  Breath  (mindful breathing practice)

Take this digital outdoor retreat from Busted Halo with you on your next long walk. 

It feastures three reflections which you could use as breaks in a longer hike, or independantly on shorter walks.

                        Digital Retreat for Deepening Our Relationship With God and Nature   


Pick one of these suggestions to Step Up Your Friend Game and spend some positive time with friends this week.

Get creative by Making Your At-Home Prayer Space a special spot for your daily prayer time.

Spend some time with someone you look up to and ask them some of these 21 Questions to Ask a Mentor.


If you'd like to try a longer walking meditation (45 minutes), grab your sneaks and earbuds and enjoy this from Pray As You Go:

(you can even choose whether you'd like to listen to a male or female voice)

                         Walking With God Prayer Guide

Here are some more Scripture passages that help us reflect on how God is at work in our relationships:

                         Sirach 6:5-17

                         Proverbs 17:17

                         Proverbs 18:24 

                         John 15:13 

                         Romans 12:4-5 

                         Philippians 1:3-11  


Listen to the second episode of the Faith in an Anxious World Parenting Podcast -- Life in a Relational World. 

You can find the parent handout from the Life in a Relational World gathered session HERE.


(You can find more Prayer Playlists for teens HERE.)