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Youth Playlist 5

This Prayer Playlist will help you kick start your prayer life in the new year.

It's the perfect time for spiritual resolutions!  Committing to a regular prayer routine is the best way to deepen your relationship with God in the everyday.

Our Catholic faith tradition offers many great starting places for prayer.

The ideas below are a menu of prayer styles that might appeal to you.  After exploring them, try choosing one to focus on for the next month.


(You can find more Prayer Playlists for teens HERE.)


Praying with the Bible can seem overwhelming, but choosing a manageable reading plan helps make it doable.

Here are a few good places to start:

  • Begin with the Gospel of Mark (which we are reading this Year B of the Lectionary cycle).  It's the shortest Gospel -- only 16 chapters.  You can read and pray with one chapter a week and be done before Easter.  You can find the text of Mark HERE.
  • Begin with the Psalms.  These are the prayers that Jesus grew up praying.  There are 150 Psalms.  You could try reading one a day or just opening the book randomly.  You can find the book of Psalms HERE.
  • Try praying the daily Mass readings (or picking just one of them).  You can find them HERE.
  • You can find many, many Bible reading plans geared for teens HERE.  If you own a Catholic Youth Bible, there are also reading plans in there.

Here are some Scripture verses about prayer:

Here are some blogs with tips for getting started creating a prayer habit:


From Ascension Presents: 

                          How to Form a Habit of Prayer  

                          Tips for Praying

Catholic Central has some great short videos about prayer!

                          Here's an overview of Prayer basics.

                          For help in learning to listen to God in Scripture, try Lectio Divina

                          To learn how to use your imagination in prayer, try Ignatian Meditation


Check out this living room concert from Matt Maher.

Songs to pray in the morning:

                       Steve Angrisano, Benedictus 

                       Jesse Manibusen, Open My Eyes Lord  

Songs to pray at night:

                        Steve Angrisano, Magnificat

                        Sarah Hart, My Evening Prayer  

Songs for Praise:

                        Third Day, God of Wonders

                        Tauren Wells, When We Pray

Songs for Gratitude:

                         Mikeschair, All I Can Do Is Say Thank You

                         Steve Angrisano and Sarah Hart:  Grateful

Songs for Petition (asking for help):

                         Matt Maher, Lord I Need You

                         Audrey Assad, Everything is Yours

Songs for Contrition (asking for forgiveness):    

                         Matt Maher, Run to the Father

                         Chris Rice, Come to Jesus 

If you're curious about the Rosary, but not sure about the beads, try listening to the album Mysteries by Danielle Rose -- one song for each mystery of the Rosary.


Spend some time in prayer (just in your head, or maybe writing/sketching in your journal) wondering:

  • Do I feel like I have a relationship with God?
  • Have I ever had a conversation with God?
  • When I talk to God do I speak with gratitude, ask for help, ask for forgiveness and healing, and express my love and praise?
  • How do I listen to God? in silence? through scripture? meditating on the story of Jesus?
  • What would it look like if I were to commit to a daily paryer time for myself to be with God? What time of day? Where?
  • What models of prayer are intriguing to me that I would like to try?


Here are audio meditations from God in All Things to start and end your day:

                        Morning Examen

                        Evening Examen

Rosary Podcasts from Catholic Central (try taking a 20 minute walk while you listen):

                        The Joyful Mysteries

                        The Luminous Mysteries

                        The Sorrowful Mysteries

                        The Glorious Mysteries  


Download a few Prayer Apps for your phone. Here are some good ones:

(links are to the Apple App Store)

HERE's a a list of a few more.


Looking for some spiritual reading to inspire you as you dive into prayer?  Follow by Katie Prejean McGrady is a great book to get.

Here's a guided meditation for the New Year from God in All Things:   A Meditation for New Beginnings  

Here are two reflections from Ignatian Spirituality to honor the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new year:

                        Examen Prayer for the Year

                        Freedom for the New Year

Here's a selection of audio meditations on Scripture stories in the Ignatian style from Pray As You Go:  Imaginative Contemplation Exercises.



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