Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Serve at Church

Serve at Church

Altar Linens

The sparkling white altar linens are the work of a small set of dedicated volunteers, working on a rotating weekly schedule.  Once a week, they pick up the linens used in the masses, clean and press them, and return them to the church.  If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Rose Volker the parish office.

Babysitting Co-op 

The babysitting co-op is offered at the Sunday 9am mass only. It is for children from 6 months to 4 years. (At the age of 4 years, children can begin going to Children’s Liturgy of the Word during part of the Mass.) Families are able to drop their children off in the babysitting room during the mass at the beginning of the mass or in the middle if they need a break. There is an experienced adult and youth helper in the room each Sunday. We are always looking to welcome new children and families. Parents that use the co-op are asked to volunteer their time once or twice a year to help watch the children. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to play and to socialize. It is also a wonderful opportunity for youth helpers to gain babysitting experience and volunteer hours. Please contact Kim Fluet at kfluet@gmail.com with any questions.

Bake Sale

Each year, usually just before Lent, the Social Ministry Committee sponsors a bake sale to benefit a local charity.  In 2018, the approximately $2000 raised by the bake sale went to REACH (Rochester Emergency Action Committee for Homeless). REACH has established shelters to assist the chronically homeless. Even though faced with high demand, Director Mary Hadley says, “We will not send anyone away.” The staff consists of six professionals and all guests receive intake services to help with their many issues.  Look here in early 2019 for information on the 2019 Bake Sale.   Bake Sale Coordinators: Judy Herlihy 261-5981 judithherlihy22@msn.com, Connie Wahl 582-1753 cwahl002@rochester.rr.com, Nancy Wahl 248-3056 newahl@gmail.com.

Christmas Basket Program

The Christmas Basket Program provides food and small gifts to families in need in Rochester through the House of Mercy (a homeless shelter for men and family outreach center), Jordan Health Center, St. Vincent de Paul, Pittsford, Fairport and other local communities. This program links our parish community with others living in poverty and assists us to see the struggles of the poor, oppressed and marginalized locally. Parishioners have generously responded by sponsoring families in providing both food and small gifts for family members.  If you wish to become a  sponsor or would like to offer your time and talent in assisting with the program, please contact Margie Benza at the parish office at 248-2427 x244 or by e-mail using the Contact Us feature of this website.  

Once again, in 2017 we served close to 200 families, thanks to the many parishioners (and non-parishioners!) who assisted in the program.  To view Margie's thank you note, and to vier the thank you notes from the agencies sponsoring our recipient families, please click HERE

Christmas Giving Tree 

The Giving Tree event is an annual holiday program developed and coordinated jointly by the Offices of Christian Formation, Peace and Justice, and Volunteer Ministries.  The Giving Tree itself is no more than a Christmas tree placed in the Gathering Hall of the Church, but the spirituality of the program is what makes it shine. Upon the tree are placed White Dove “ornaments” with a specific need of a gift for the holiday season placed upon it.  Parishioners then can take a dove (or several doves!) and purchase the gift listed.  The gifts are wrapped and placed anonymously under the Giving Tree for presentation.  Gifts range from gloves and mitten to toys to small electronics for children ages infant through teens.  All parishioners are invited to place a need—for example for a financially challenged family—with the Office of Christian Formation.  Our Fifth Grade classes then make the “ornaments” as their service project.  The Office of Peace and Justice also coordinate needs.  Wonderful volunteers then sort and prepare the gifts for distribution.  The Giving Tree event begins immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday and culminates at the Christmas season.  Each year we help over a dozen agencies with over 300 gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves. Your generosity helps many local agencies such as: Jordan Health Center, Casa, Bethany House, St. Joseph’s Villa, St. Martin’s Place, The Center for Youth and many more!  Our parish has always been a place of hospitality, welcome, openness, and gift. Won’t you please continue this wonderful tradition?  If you have any questions or would like to include a need for the tree, please contact the Christian Formation Office at: 248-2467 or Sam Crawshaw at scrawsha@rochester.rr.com.

Clothing Drive 

Twice a year the members of The Church of the Transfiguration are asked to donate clothing and household items to support struggling individuals and families in the Rochester Area.  These projects had provided needed goods for many individuals.  Responding to the call of the Gospel and Catholic  Social Teaching (expressed in the Option for the Poor and Vulnerable) to share resources with those who are struggling to meet daily clothing and household needs  Contact Jan Maguire at 248-2286 if you would like to assist with this ministry.

Funeral Baking Ministry 

Please consider assisting with our funeral receptions by offering baked goods. Cookies, cakes, brownies and various sweet breads are a welcomed and wonderful way to reach out to others when you may not be able to assist directly with the funeral reception. If you are interested, please contact Margie Benza at the parish office at 248-2427.

Funeral Reception Committee 

It is in the kind, helpful hands of others that bring comfort to grieving families during a difficult time. It is a priceless gift of hospitality from our community as we extend the hands of Christ to others. Offer your helping hands and comfort to families who wish to sit with family and friends in sharing a meal and memories of their loved one. Responsibilities would include assisting the coordinator and other ministers with set-up, serving and clean-up. Please contact Margie Benza or Tim Smith at 248-2427 with interest.

Good Samaritan Ministry 

Parishioners are available to assist another parishioner in need of a ride to a doctor, a trip to the grocery store, or prescription pick up.  Please contact Margie Benza at the parish office 248-2427.

Green Thumb Ministry 

 If you enjoy caring for plants, we would appreciate your assistance in keeping our parish plants well watered and cared for periodically.  Please contact Rose Volker at the parish office to join the crew!

Guiding Light Ministry

Periodically we need assistance in changing the light bulbs in the church.  If you don’t mind heights and can offer 2-3hrs a few times a year, we’d appreciate your helping hands.  Please contact our coordinator, Kevin Reilly (585-500-5489) or kevinreilly13@gmail.com to volunteer.

Healthy Sisters Soup and Bean Works

This project, a program of the Catholic Family Center, espouses a "welfare-to-work" philosophy as it teaches women to successfully plan and run a business.  The women create, distribute and market soup kits to warm you through the winter months.  Help is needed in working with the coordinator to sell soup kits at our annual sale in October.  Contact Patty Lovallo 383-0446 plovallo@rochester.rr.com or Bernadette Malaret 385-2950 if you are interested.

Liturgical Arts/Environment Ministry 

Volunteer your time decorating our church for the liturgical season.  9 seasons are scheduled throughout the year and we could use your time and talent in bringing the season to life with simple but beautiful decorating.  Please contact Rose Volker 248-2427.

Merry Marthas and Muscles

Our church is kept beautiful by the hard work and effort of our cleaning ministry.Volunteers are needed to help with house keeping duties to maintain the beautiful appearance of our church.  The commitment, depending on the number of volunteers, is 1 ½ - 2 hours every 4-6 weeks on a Monday morning .  It’s an important ministry within the parish, a great way to meet other parishioners and has its own personal rewards.  Please consider donating a few hours a month?  If interested, please call Gael Garrity at 381-9179.

Monthly Food Collection 

Each month we take up a food collection, accepting donations at each mass, with the collection going to a designated agency.  Collection dates and the specific agency being supported that month are published in the bulletin. If you have any questions, please contact Joe Marchiony at joemarchiony@yahoo.com.

Parish Library 

Volunteers meet every few months to catalog new materials and perform routine maintenance tasks  Contact Jan Maguire at 244-2286 or maguire@rochester.rr.com if you are interested.

Reception Ministry

Do you enjoy organizing small receptions?  Volunteers are needed to help organize and run small receptions in our Gathering Area after events a few times a year.  Please contact Margie Benza @ 248-2427 to offer your time.

School Supply Drive

Our school supply drive is held in August to collect school supplies for Mt. Carmel, the Eastern Service Workers and the House of Mercy.  Help is needed to organize the drive, and to pack/deliver the supplies in mid-late August.  Contact Judy Herlihy 261-5981 judithherlihy22@msn.com if you are interested.  

Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

Every year, Transfiguration parishioners participate in the donation of whole frozen and roasted turkeys in order to provide Thanksgiving dinner for families and individuals in need.  Donations are shared among the House of Mercy,  St. Andrews's, Dimitri House and the Catholic Family Center.  If you are interested in assisting, please contact Margie Benza at 248-2427 x244.


Turkey Drive Thank You - 2017

Through your generosity, our Turkey Drive offered over 110 frozen and 53 roasted turkeys to various agencies in the city of Rochester. Most importantly, it provided time for many who may have had no place to go to enjoy a hot meal and community on Thanksgiving Day

Our thanks to so many who participated from the donation of frozen turkeys, the gift of roasting them, great donations of trimmings, volunteers which included the CYO basketball program, confirmation candidates and those making it possible for delivery. All lending their hands to help others. A special thanks to Denise Nunziato, Kathy Kyhos and Judy Herlihy who helped organize and coordinate the drive.


Work of Our Hands Knitting and Crocheting

This is a joint charitable knitting/crocheting group with the Church of the Transfiguration and St. Louis Church.  We make items for local and international agencies serving those in need.  No prior skills are needed.  We have needles, yarn and patterns to share.  There is no pressure; come when you can, donate when you can.  We meet the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 1-3PM, and the third Thursday of the month from 6-8PM with one yearly weekend event.  If you are interested, contact Kathleen McMahon (kmcmahon@rochester.rr.com) or Rosemary Utz (djones6703@aol.com).