Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Sunday Music Selections

Sunday Music Selections


Transfiguration Music Groups:

  • 4:30 PM - the Folk Group .... Music Selections available at Mass.  This group has a broader style than just 'folk' music.  They usually are accompanied by guitars and sometimes piano.
  • 9:00 AM -  Choir; Music Selections Below.  The music played at this Mass is often more traditional, accompanied by piano and sometimes organ.
  • 11:30 AM - Matthew 17 (Christian Contemporary) and Teens alternate weeks at the 11:30 Mass  .Music Selections available at Mass
  • Our Youth Bell Choir and Youth Choir perform at holidays and other special occasions.


April 7 9  AM Mass - Fifth Sunday in Lent  
 Gathering Hosea  
 Offertory Deep Within  
 Communion Center of My Life  
 Meditation Make Visible God's Works  
 Recessional Christ Be Our Light  

(The hymns for April 14 will be wonderful and a surprise as they are just not available for the web page right now!)

April 18 Holy Thursday  
 Gathering For You are My God  
 Gloria Glory to God  
 Foot Washing  Song of the Lord's Command  
 Offertory We Have Been Told  
 Communion This is the Body of Christ  
 Recessional Tantum Ergo / This is the Body of Christ  


April 19 Good Friday  
 Veneration of the Cross Behold the Wood / All You Who Pass This Way / O Sacred Head  
 Communion Jesus the Lord  


April 20 Easter Vigil  
 Gloria Glory to God  
 Gospel Acclamation Alleluia, Alleluia, He is Alive, Alleluia  
 Offertory Now We Remain  
 Communion Take and Eat  
 Recessional Sing with all the Saints in Glory  


April 21 9  AM Mass - Easter Sunday  
 Gathering Alleluia!  Love is Alive!  
 Sprinkling Song Over the Waters  
 Gloria Glory to God   
 Psalm This is the Day  
 Offertory Jesus  
 Communion Take and Eat  
 Meditation The Tomb is Empty  
 Recessional Jesus Christ is Risen Today  


April 27 and 28 9  AM Mass - 2nd Sunday of Easter and Fr. Mike's 40th Anniversary Celebration  
 Gathering Sing a New Song  
 Offertory We Have Been Told  
 Communion Gift of Finest Wheat / Cry of the Poor  
 Recessional Joyful, Joyful  


May 5 9  AM Mass - 3rd Sunday of Easter/First Communion  
 Gathering Song of the Body of Christ  
 Offertory Make Visible God's Works  
 Communion This is the Body of Christ  
 Recessional Alleluia!  Love is Alive!  


May 12 9  AM Mass - 4th Sunday of Easter  
 Gathering Alleluia!  Love is Alive!  
 Offertory Center of My Life  
 Communion Shepherd Me O God  
 Recessional Sing to the Mountains  


April 19 9  AM Mass - 5th Sunday of Easter  
 Gathering Alleluia!  Love is Alive!  
 Offertory We Have Been Told  
 Communion Redeemer Lord  
 Recessional Sing to the Mountains  


May 26 9  AM Mass - 6th Sunday of Easter  
 Gathering Glory and Praise to Our Good  
 Offertory We Remember  
 Communion You Are Mine / This is My Song  
 Recessional We are Called