Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Sunday Music Selections

Sunday Music Selections


June 18 Corpus Christi and Father's Day
  9 AM Mass  11:00 AM Mass - Matthew 17
 Gathering Gather Us In  I am the Bread
 Offertory Gift of Finest Wheat  Remain in Me

In Jesus, Hope of the World

God of Adam

 Recessional I am the Bread of Life  A Rightful Place


June 25  
  9 AM Mass  11:00 AM Mass - Teens
 Gathering Sing to the Mountains  Sing to the Mountains
 Offertory The Cry of the Poor  The Cry of the Poor
 Communion In Every Age  Remembrance
 Recessional Canticle of the Sun  Everlasting God


July 2  
  9 AM Mass  11:00 AM Mass
 Gathering We Remember  Our God Saves
 Offertory Only This I Want  
 Communion Blest Are They  Take Up Our Cross
 Recessional Take Up Your Cross  A Rightful Place


July 9  
  9 AM Mass  11:00 AM Mass
 Gathering Gather Us In  
 Offertory Come to the Water  
 Communion Taste and See  
 Recessional Christ Be Our Light   


July 16  
  9 AM Mass  11:00 AM Mass
 Gathering Sing to the Mountains  
 Offertory We Have Been Told  
 Communion On Eagles Wings  
 Recessional Canticle of the Sun