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Member of Pope’s anti-abuse panel insists, ‘The Church is not failing’

Teresa Kettelkamp, a former staffer for the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and now a full member, says of the anti-abuse fight, “The Church is not failing on this issue, the Church is aggressively addressing it … People who want things to change faster are not realistic about how things change.”

Congo bishops “deeply concerned” about state of country

Catholic bishops in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have said they are united with the people of the country: “We share their joys and hopes, their sorrows and fears.”

Chaput: Increased government due to collapse of civil society in America

In a speech at Villanova on Thursday, Archbishop Chaput said the increased role of government is in response to the collapse of civil society.

German bishops discuss intercommunion of Lutheran, Catholic spouses

Cardinal Reinhard Marx has announced that the German bishops' conference will publish a pastoral handout for married couples that allows Protestant spouses of Catholics "in individual cases" and "under certain conditions" to receive Holy Communion, provided they "affirm the Catholic faith in the Eucharist."

Chileans speak to Vatican team sent to investigate abuse cover-up charges

Chilean clergy sex abuse victims gave testimony to a Vatican team sent to investigate charges that church officials covered up the abuse.