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Trinidad and Tobago Catholics come to aid of Venezuelan refugees

Venezuelan migrants seeking asylum or hoping to file for refugee status in Trinidad and Tobago are being charged and deported instead of helped through the process.

Philippine bishops hesitant about priests seeking gun permits

The Philippines may be a dangerous place for priests, but even so many bishops there hesitate for theological reasons to let their priests carry guns.

Plowshares activists motivated to witness to God’s call for peace

Seven Catholics, the Kings Bay Plowshares, say that the time they've spent in prison for breaking into a Naval base filled with nuclear submarines to protest the nuclear threat to the world is worthwhile to bring attention to the issue. However, now it seems that most people aren't even awake to the threats surrounding us all.

French priest forced to retire after slapping baby during baptism

After an online video went viral of a priest hitting an infant, the priest was forced to retire.

Sometimes, a pope just can’t help being the pope

We’ve had several clear instances just in recent months in which Francis has all but taken over the judgment of a local church, at least on specific matters, issuing orders and drawing lines in the sand.