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Learn (Formation)

Our parish is committed to the goal of providing a happy, safe, and holy environment for each member of our parish family to develop their faith at each stage in his or her life. Formation in our parish involves the very young preschooler as well as the eldest members of our community. We  recognize that our faith journey begins at our Baptism and continues throughout our life. 

The Office of Formation coordinates the spiritual development and maturation of our entire parish community. Programs are provided for children, middle and high school aged youth, young adults starting independent life, and parents and mature adults.

We are a faith community of over 1,300 families and have over 1,000 participants in our faith formation programs at any given time. Our programs are staffed by hundreds of our own parish membership. Transfiguration’s Christian Formation Programs have a dynamic of openness and gift to each member of our parish!

                                                                                                                                                                          August, 2022

Dear Friends,


               Happy Summer to all our Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Families!  We have already mailed out the registration information to all families, and the deadline for registration (July 15) has passsed.  If you still need to register a child, please contact Vicky or Anne at the Parish Office (585-248-2427) or via their email (below).  We’ve adapted and learned a lot over the last few years, and our offerings for next year reflect our hybrid models incorporating both gathered and at-home aspects.

(Year Two Confirmation candidates do NOT need to reregister and are automatically moved forward.) 

Here’s what we’re looking forward to this year:


  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, our offering for 3–6-year-olds, will gather weekly on Wednesday afternoons to pray, learn, and discover our faith.
  • Our family Bridges of Faith (K-5) program is back, with a monthly gathering on a Sunday morning each month and supplemental at home activities.
  • Sacramental Prep (typically grade 2) Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion take place in the same year and includes parent meetings, family sessions, and at-home activities.
  • Middle School Youth Group (grades 6-8) will meet one Sunday night a month from 7-8:30. An online Google classroom assignment completed before the monthly meeting which will introduce our topic.
  • Confirmation prep (typically grades 8-9) will meet one Sunday night a month from 7-8:30. Candidates also complete a monthly Google classroom assignment and attend at least 4 Middle School or High School Youth Group meetings each year.
  • Senior High Youth Group (grades 9-12) will continue meeting weekly on Tuesdays from 7-8:30.
  • We will continue to create online prayer resources to support your daily prayer time.


 And there will be many more opportunities to pray, serve, and play together.  We’re so looking forward to walking the journey of faith with you and your family this year!


Peace in Christ,

                      Anne Gallagher                                        Vicky Wejko                                               Meg Kastner

    Director of Formation & Youth Ministry        Assoc. Director of Formation            Adm. Asst. of Formation Office

               Anne.Gallagher@dor.org                    Victoria.Wejko@dor.org                             Meg.Kastner@dor.org

                                                                   The Transfiguration, Formation Office – (585)248-2427