Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Church of the Transfiguration

From Father Mike


  2. Catholic Ministries Appeal Update, last minute pledges and payments.
  3. From the Corner Office!
  4. Updates and reminders.
  5. A musical reminder to stay hopeful during these days.
  6. May - a month we dedicate to Mary.
  7. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
  8. Prayers: A Coronavirus Prayer, Prayer for Spiritual Communion and The Confiteor


We are still uncertain when we will be able to open the church building for Mass, but we believe we will be in Phase 4 of the New York State Reopening process, which means mid-July, but this is still a guesstimate.

As we make plans to reopen here are some issues, we must try to keep in balance for the good of all, these are over and above the physical arrangements that we will have to make.

People's health and safety vs. hunger for the Eucharist -- just because we are legally allowed to restart at a certain date, is it the best thing for our parish?

Using our human resources wisely.  For example, it is taking so much time, effort, and energy to run the music/livestream for Mass.  Moving ahead, how do you maintain that while also needing staff and volunteers to potentially fulfill other roles when we start public Masses back up again?  If people are slow to return to Mass in person, we will want to continue to offer the livestream, but there is only so far we can stretch people, both volunteers and staff.

Procedures and safety of cleaners:  We need to be concern about the safety of those who will be present at Mass to direct people to socially distanced pews and especially cleaning the pews and other surfaces around the church in between Masses.  This is a high-risk activity.

Safety of the presiders and other liturgical ministers:  Yes, this is a concern and a worry.  These people will be distributing the Eucharist by hand to so many people, that is a lot of physical contact that could potentially spread the infection.  

With all of this said as the Pastoral Council and Staff develops plans to reopen, we need you help and guidance.  PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND COMPLETE THE SURVEY, YOUR OPINIONS AND IDEAS ARE VERY IMPORTANT.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY.

Please be assured, we will be pastorally sensitive to the health of everyone, I ask you to keep all of this in prayer as we prepare to reopen for public Masses.  Thank you! 



            The annual Catholic Ministries Appeal is in its final weeks, new pledges and payments of already existing pledges must made before May 31.  Like Transfiguration Parish, the Diocese needs your financial support to continue their ministries.

            Transfiguration’s Goal is $203,413 and as of Wednesday, May 20 we are at 92.52% or $188,194 has been pledged and there is $5758 in outstanding pledges which need to be paid.  So, if everyone pays their pledge, we are still short $16,218 of our goal, which will have to be paid out of parish savings.

            I extend my sincere thanks to the 429 (30.5%) parishioners who have made a pledge.

Please if you can make a new pledge, increase your pledge, or if you need to make a payment on a existing pledge please go to https://www.dor.org/giving/contribute-to-the-cma/, please do so before May 31

From the Corner Office!

Dear Friends,

Jesus Christ is risen, Alleluia!

Memorial Day is a solemn time to remember the sacrifice of our military men and women and reflect upon our obligation to those who do and have served our country.  Our commitment must continue long after high profile conflicts cease.

A “Soldiers Battle” is defined as a hand-to-hand encounter between opposing soldiers with little or no support.  Too often today our returning soldiers are left to a ‘Soldiers Battle’ to get the services that they have earned by virtue of their willingness to lay their life on the line for our country, our freedom and our liberty.

A few months ago, I attended a gathering of veterans who shared their stories, and this is some of what they said to one another.  The group was a mixture of men and women who had served in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq.  They made it clear to that veterans’ issues are our issues as a Country.  Sending people into harm’s way carries with it a serious responsibility to support them before, during and after their service.  For far too long the true dollar cost of war has been hidden – ignored and shifted to states, communities and worst of all to veterans and their families.

Concerns aside, the clear message from each and every one of them is sense of pride for their role in protecting and preserving the freedom, liberty and safety of the United States.  The gathered group also spoke proudly of the service provided by their families; the moms, dads, children, spouses, the ones who wait the ones who worry.

Memorial Day is a day to remember and a day to appreciate those who serve and their families.  President Benjamin Harrison noted while it is a day of memory and sadness it is a day to celebrate and commemorate the bravery, strength and pride that fills the hearts of those who serve their country.

“I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day.  I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it.  We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did.  We mourn for them as comrades, who have departed, but we feel the glory of their dying and the glory of their achievement covers all our great country, and has set them in an imperishable roll of honor.“  President Benjamin Harrison Independence Hall Philadelphia Decoration Day May 30, 1891.

Please take some time this weekend with your family and children, as challenging as it may be with social distancing guidelines, to pay tribute to those who have served us and protected our freedom.

As we continued to deal with the pandemic, I continue to look for experiences of inspiration and hope during these most unsettled days!  Here is my example this week.  Last week in my Friday afternoon email I shared with Brendan O’Riordan singing “Lord of all Hopefulness!” which drew many words of appreciation from many of you, it truly reminded people to remain hope filled!  A PS to this story, last Sunday Brendan had some heart problems and landed at Strong Memorial for a day.  He is doing OK and the prognosis is positive, please him keep in prayer.   

I look forward to the day when we are together again around the Altar.

Please continue to have a grace-filled Easter season.  Next Sunday is the Feast of Pentecost, just a reminder to wear some red to Mass.

Jesus Christ is risen today – alleluia!

Let us continue to pray for and take action to bring about peace in our world!

In peace and courage,

Fr. Mike


Just some reminders of what is going on to keep us together while we are apart as a parish community.

  • Food donations, cleaning supplies and paper goods – are in high demand. If you can donate, the food barrels are be available weekdays just inside of the front doors of the church.
  • 😷Masks – Please place your completed masks in the box marked “Masks” inside the front door of church. We NO longer need mask material, thank you to those who donated material.
  • Mass– Please check HERE for our live-stream schedule, there are no public Masses. 
  • Chapel – The Chapel is open for private prayer each day until 4:00 PM. 
  • Spiritual resources – On the website you will find a variety of prayers, music and spiritual resources. There is a whole section dedicated to children.
  • Office and non-emergency – The Office is closed, if you have a non-emergency need call the office at 585-248-2427 x225 and leave a message.
  • Emergencies with immediate need – Please call 585-248-2427, then press 9 when prompted.
  • Daily and Sunday readings - links are available on this homepage under "Readings for the Week'
  • Financial Contributions – The parish continues to have bills and payroll, if you give via the Sunday collection, please mail you contributions to the parish office or check out the website for online giving 


This is a repeat from last week and because of all the wonderful comments here it is again.  It is Brendan O’Riordan’s offering to encouraging all of us to remain hopeful during these days of uncertainty.  Thanks Brendan!  Please click here to hear this reminder to stay hopeful. 

Please click HERE to hear this reminder to stay hopeful..




Please remain dedicated to praying to her even after the month comes to an end.  Mary’s shrine at the entrance of the Parish Campus is back and our statue of Mary in our Chapel is adorned with a crown of flowers and a rose in front to give her special honor during May.  Please stop by for private prayer, please read the posted signs before entering the Chapel.


🙏 The Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is one of many prayer traditions of our Church, which I encourage if this prayer style feeds you spiritually, as you know we all pray a little differently. St. John of Rochester has Perpetual Adoration (24/7) which is live-streamed at www.stjohnfairport.org.  Their Chapel is not open public visits.



Coronavirus Prayer

Dear God,

In this time of uncertainty and fear, help us be love, mercy, and peace for ourselves and for others as we face coronavirus in the United States and around the world.

Help us hold close in our hearts those who have died, and their loved ones who mourn them.

Those who are sick or are trying to seek medical care.

Those who don’t have paid sick leave, benefits, or job security.

Those whose schools have closed and don’t have access to food, safe homes, or technology.

Those who can’t travel to be with loved ones who are ill or dying.

Those who are facing discrimination and harassment because of their ethnicity.

Those who are struggling with loneliness during this time of social isolation.

Those who are frightened and losing hope.

Help us find joy, however small it seems.

Help us remain hopeful.

Help us remember that “All shall be well, for there is a force of love moving through the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go.” 


Prayer for Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things and I desire to receive You in my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if you were already there and unite myself wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

The Confiteor

I confess to almighty God

and to you, my brothers and sisters,

that I have greatly sinned,

in my thoughts and in my words,

in what I have done and in what I have failed to do,

through my fault, through my fault,

through my most grievous fault;

therefore I ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin,

all the Angels and Saints,

and you, my brothers and sisters,

to pray for me to the Lord our God


Streaming Mass

We successfully streamed Mass via the new Transfiguration YouTube channel!  The replay is available at the link below.

Fr. Mike and Fr. Rob (of St. Catherine) will concelebrate Mass each Sunday at 10 a.m.   To access the You Tube channel for the live video, or to replay the recording, please click on the picture below. 

Virtual Easter

Jesus Christ is Risen! It's a different kind of Easter this year. The joy may seem harder to find, as we may feel physically in the "tomb" of isolation still. But we are a Resurrection people! We are an Alleluia people! We know in faith and trust that Jesus will bring us through this. This Virtual Easter experience is our way of offering support for youth and families to pray through the Easter season at home.

Virtual Easter is on our website main menu, and there are several pages underneath it (Easter Videos, Easter Prayers, Easter Music, Easter for Kids and Celebrating the Easter Season).  This is a choose-your-own adventure experience of Easter. Some activities may be more meaningful for children, teens, or adults than others. We invite you to explore the offerings and use those that seem most interesting to you and your family. We've put more in here than you will probably have the time to complete. Take your time. Remember that Easter is a season that lasts 50 whole days, until Pentecost.  We are waiting in joyful hope for the day we can all be together in person again soon!

Anne and Vicky


Event Cancellations

Following coronavirus guidelines for social distancing, all in person group events are cancelled.  Many events are being held virtually, connection information is being shared via e-mail.  


  • Chapel Stained Glass Window
  • Church in Fall
  • Exterior Cross
  • Campus in Early Spring
  • Statue of Mary
  • Mass with the Bishop
  • Deacon Pat, Bishop Matano, Father Mike
  • Bishop Matano and Father Mike
  • Coffee Hour with the Bishop
  • Donuts after Church!
  • Children enjoying donuts after mass
  • Coffee Hour after 9AM Mass
  • Chapel Interior
  • Street Sign
  • Parish Life Center (meeting rooms, library and gym)
  • Christ Transfigured
  • Church Interior
  • Church

Welcome to the Church of the Transfiguration.  

We see ourselves as a unique expression of the People of God whose faith in Jesus Christ is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition.  We invite you to join us in worship, service and play.



Church of the Transfiguration Father Bausch Welcome Message from Church of the Transfiguration on Vimeo.



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Jesus Christ is risen, Alleluia!

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Jesus Christ is risen, Alleluia!

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