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Man says Knoxville diocese knew about accusations months before acting

An East Tennessee man says the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville knew about abuse allegations against a music teacher nearly a year before it took action against him.

Court to look anew at health care law birth control rules

The Supreme Court will consider allowing the Trump administration to enforce rules that allow more employers to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives to women.

Togo archbishop reminds president he is a ‘servant of the people’

During his installation in the capital Lomé, Togo’s newest archbishop called on presidential candidates to be “servants of the people.”

Sarah’s last hurrah? 2020 could see major Vatican shakeups

Looking ahead to the rest of 2020, this year could see several major Vatican shakeups as Pope Francis's reform of the Roman Curia rolls out and several current department heads have already reached the age of retirement.

New rugby club in Argentina helps kids with learning disabilities

A rugby club in Argentina mixes faith and sport to bring joy to people with intellectual disabilities.

Rochester TV station’s televised Mass moves to earlier time slot

Pope, U.S. bishops discuss moral issues

President Trump issues new guidance on prayer in public schools

USCCB's '9 Days for Life' campaign takes place Jan. 21-29

Flemish priest killed in South Africa

South African police arrest a suspect in connection with the murder of a Belgian priest in a village west of Johannesburg.