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‘Francis effect’ in Argentina’s alternate reality a mix of light and shadows

After being away from my home country of Argentina for the past five years, only going back to visit with the family for Christmas and the odd long weekend, I decided to avoid Rome’s scorching summer this year and head back on a reporting mission to take the country’s temperature regarding my fellow Argentinian, Pope Francis.

On narratives about popes and allowing oneself to be surprised

When the media makes someone a star, they usually also make that person a one-dimensional cardboard cutout of themselves, popes very much included.

Peruvian bishops launch anti-corruption course after string of government scandals

With several ex-presidents in jail and a history of decades of corruption plaguing the highest ranks of their government, the Peruvian Catholic bishops have decided to fight back at the grassroots, establishing a university course to educate students on the causes of corruption, and how to stop it.

West Virginians meet their new Catholic bishop as humble, holy man

People from around the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston already have a good feeling about their new shepherd, Bishop Mark E. Brennan, who was installed Aug. 22 as the ninth bishop of the diocese.

Rohingya refugees reject ‘unconditional return’ to Myanmar

A second attempt to repatriate hundreds of Rohingya Muslims from camps in Bangladesh failed after the refugees refused to return "unconditionally" to Myanmar.