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Is Vatican anti-abuse task force ‘Tale of Two Cities’ or ‘Remembrance of Things Past’?

The Vatican presented a new high-level task force Friday intended to help national and regional bishops’ conferences around the world, as well as religious orders, to develop and update their guidelines on child protection and the fight against abuse.

Tech heads join Vatican in ‘clarion call for a new generation of ethics’

As the digital age enters a new phase of technological advancement with the ushering in of an era of artificial intelligence, top representatives of major tech giants and the Vatican have joined voices in calling for a clear system of ethics to guide developments as they happen.

Church intersects with Sci-Fi in ‘A Printer’s Choice’

W. L. Patenaude new novel puts a detective priest in outer space.

Court temporarily blocks Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Papal task force to help bishops, religious write, revise abuse guidelines

Humanity, ethics must be at center of AI technology, pope says

The use of artificial intelligence in science and medicine must be guided by ethical standards that place humanity and the pursuit of the common good first, Pope Francis said.

Rhode Island man says in lawsuit he was abused by priest

A Rhode Island man alleges that he was molested as a child by a Catholic priest who also trafficked children for sex while church leaders looked the other way, according to a lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Providence.

Sunday Scripture reading, March 1, 2020: A starter question for Lent

Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops reiterate appeal for food aid

Zimbabwe’s Catholic Bishops have reiterated their appeal for food aid to the country. About 8 million people could starve if emergency assistance is not forthcoming.

Buffalo Diocese files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection