Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Serve through Hospitality


Visitation Ministry

Do you have an abundance of good cheer that you would like to share with others?  If you do, then the Visitation Ministry is for you.  Participants, individually, in pairs, or as part of a family,  in the Visitation Ministry of Transfiguration make visits to persons who are home-bound for long periods of time or who are in nursing homes.  Spending quality time with someone who may be isolated and lonely can be very rewarding to everyone involved.  Visitation ministers can bring Communion to individuals they visit. For more information, or if you know of a shut-in or someone in a nursing home who would welcome a visitation, please contact Margie Benza (using the Contact Us feature on the website, or calling 248-2427 x244).


Welcome Bread Ministry

How nice to receive a welcome call, a visit with “welcoming bread” and a friendly face when registering as a new parishioner! As part of Transfiguration’s welcoming nature, one of the ministries we offer is the Welcome Bread ministry. This ministry allows us to welcome new parishioners into our community by providing  baked goods for the newcomers along with a folder containing information about the parish. Typically, the Welcome Bread member contacts the new parishioner and arranges a meeting time. This can be at the new parishioner’s home or even after Mass. During this very brief meeting, the Welcome Bread member may explain a bit about the various ministries available through the Church of the Transfiguration – both ministries the newcomers might consider joining or ministries the newcomers might wish to utilize.  A Welcome Bread member might contact five or six families over the course of one year, It’s a wonderful way for us to welcome newcomers in our unique fashion, and it’s a way for them to begin to see familiar faces within the community! Consider volunteering for this ministry! If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Joy Morris at 586-2121.