Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week

 Fr. Mike will continue to celebrate Mass, but the congregation cannot be present in person.  We will livestream the 10 a.m. Sunday Mass, see the link on our homepage.


Friday  March 27   No Service Scheduled  
Saturday  March 28  4:30 PM Rosemary Klee Sheila and Terry Klee
Sunday  March 29  9:00 AM Carolyn Kessler Margie and Ray Benza
     11:30 AM John Balzano Rhonda and George Kris
Monday  March 30  6:45 AM Eva P. King Anne Schenerman and Marie Masson
Tuesday  March 31  9:00 AM Judy Jesmer Judy and Charlie Newton
Wednesday  April 1  6:45 AM For our Health Care Workers  
Thursday  April 2   No Service Scheduled  
Friday  April 3   No Service Scheduled  
Saturday  April 4   No Service Scheduled  
Sunday  April 5  10:00 AM

Raymond O'Neill

J. Richard Klee

John Manilla, Sr.

Cathy and Mark Klingensmith

Sheila and Terry Klee

Margie and Ray Benza