Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



Friday  August 23    No Service Scheduled  
Saturday  August 24  4:30 PM  Charlie McElhinney  Nancy and Charlie Zinn
Sunday  August 25  9:00 AM  Thomas F. Wahl  Jim and Debbie Mulcahy
     11:00 AM  Bryan Lookup  Lisa and Tim Morris
Monday  August 26  6:45 AM  Anne M. Scheuerman  Karl and Anne's Family
Tuesday  August 27  9:00 AM  Matthew Martin  Mary and Ed Blasko
Wednesday  August 28  6:45 AM  Marcella Jackson  Mary and Ed Blasko
Thursday  August 29  6:45 AM  For Peace and Justice  
Friday  August 30    No Service Scheduled  
Saturday  August 31  4:30 PM  Elaine Margaret Andolina  Ran Bryan and Cathy Klingensmith
Sunday  September 1  9:00 AM  Charlie McElhinney  Joanne Paradies
     11:00 AM  Ellen Yurgealitis  The Empty Nesters