Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us for the Livestream 

Masks and social distancing are now optional at Mass, except in the section closest to the Baptismal font. For those who wish to maintain social distancing and be surrounded by those wearking masks, please sit in the section closest to the Baptismal font.   If you have any questions, our greeters, ushers or any staff member will be happy to assist you!

Please know that we review and adjust our security procedures regularly.  We want you to feel welcome and safe at Mass.

Day Date Church Time


Friday 2/3    

No Services Scheduled

Saturday 2/4 Transfiguation 4 PM

Delores Drews by the Garrity Family
Ted Partsch by Ray & Margie Benza

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

Jay Rusalem by Linda Prentice

Sunday 2/5 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

John W. O’Leary by Deacon Pat & Rozanne DiLaura

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Helen Shipkowski by Jim Shipkowski (son) 

Monday 2/6 Transfiguation 6:45 AM

Cathy Swann & Dan Gerew by Cathy Klingensmith

Tuesday 2/7 St. Catherine 9 AM

Communion Service

Wednesday 2/8 Transfiguation 6:45 AM

Communion Service

Thursday 2/8 St. Catherine 9 AM

Communion Service

Friday 2/10    

No Service Scheduled

Saturday 2/11 Transfiguation 4 PM

Susan Hearsom
Sally Bohne by Jeanne McElhinney

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

Edmond Barletta by Mary Ann Barletta
Jay Rusalem by Tony & Karen Jovenitti

Sunday 2/12 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

Marcella & Reginald Bold by the Bold Family
Sophie Osborne by Pat Bomba & John Milkulsky & Family

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Mary Suriani by Frank & Monika
Dick Powers by Mike & Faith Tarby