Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us for the Livestream 

Masks and social distancing are now optional at Mass, except in the section closest to the Baptismal font. For those who wish to maintain social distancing and be surrounded by those wearking masks, please sit in the section closest to the Baptismal font.   Please follow the directions of our greeters.  We want everyone to be safe!

Also, in light of recent events in the news, know that we review and adjust our security procedures regularly.  We want you to feel welcome and safe at Mass.

Day Date Church Time


Friday 9/23     No Services Scheduled
Saturday 9/24 Transfiguration 4 PM

Michael Kehoe by Pat Kehoe

Jack O'Leary by Patrick, Sean and Ryan O'Leary

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM Frank Morgan by Joan and Barb Wallance
Sunday 9/25 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

Ann Bovenzi by Peter Bovenzi

Richard Smith by Debbie and Jim Mulcahy

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM Genevieve Zeller by Bob and Sandy Zeman
Monday 9/26  Transfiguration 6:45 AM  For mothers who feel they are not in control of their lives
Tuesday 9/27 St. Catherine 9 AM For survivors of violence and trauma
Wednesday 9/28 Transfiguation 6:45 AM For immigration movement around the world
Thursday 9/29 St. Catherine 9 AM Communion Service
Friday 9/30     No services scheduled
Saturday 10/1 Transfiguration 4 PM

John Trabold by the Family of Tom Trabold and Kathleen Hersam and Paul Swicki

John Callan by Judy and Charlie Newton

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM Robert Thomson by Carol Krebs
Sunday 10/2 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

Frances Vaz by the Family

Victor Cypher by the Larson Family

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM Beatrice Wolford by Nancy P. and John N.