Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



Note that reservations are requested - use the On-Line Giving and Event Registration page on this website to make your free reservation for a weekend Mass.  We will continue to livestream Mass - but the time will now be 9 AM (back to the normal Mass schedule!).  If for any reason you did not register but want to attend Mass, please come.  We will take your contact information at the door.

If you are not feeling well, please stay home.  Masks will be required for all in attendance - from the minute you exit your car until you return to your car  - please bring one with you. The church will be cleaned between Masses. Social distancing will be maintained: seating will be in designated areas, and we will be assisting you in seating, entering and exiting.  We want everyone to be safe!

Friday October 16  

No Service Scheduled


Saturday October 17 1:30 PM

Wedding Mass of Matthew Johnson and Olivia Trippi


4:30 PM

Ralph Coon

Judy and Charlie Newton

Sunday October 18 9 AM and Livestream

Mary Ann Guidry

Margie and Ray Benza

    11 AM

Richard Miles

Claire Miles

Monday October 19 6:45 AM

Special Intention for Joyce Arthur

Kathleen Harold Russell

Tuesday October 20 9 AM

Joseph M. Burns III

The Kastner Family
Wednesday October 21 6:45 AM

Cliff DeMagri

Mike Schell

Thursday October 22  

No Service Scheduled


Friday October 23  

No Service Scheduled


Saturday October 24 4:30 PM

Jeannette Wahl

Angela and John Chiazza

Sunday October 25 9 AM and Livestream

Paul Farrell

The Klotz Family

    11 AM

Jim Brayer

Elizabeth and Frank Carnavele