Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us for the Livestream 

Masks and social distancing are now optional at Mass, except in the section closest to the Baptismal font. For those who wish to maintain social distancing and be surrounded by those wearking masks, please sit in the section closest to the Baptismal font.   If you have any questions, our greeters, ushers or any staff member will be happy to assist you!

Please know that we review and adjust our security procedures regularly.  We want you to feel welcome and safe at Mass.


Mass Intentions - whether it is for a departed relative or friend, for someone in need of healing, or in gratitude for a blessing in your life - you may purchase and schedule a Mass Intention by stopping in or calling the Parish office. 






 Friday 5/17    

No Services Scheduled

Saturday 5/18 Transfiguation 4 PM

Evelyn and Harold Hersam by Nancy and Tom Trabold, and Katheen Hersham and Paul Sawicki

Ed Blasko by Pat and Jim Roman

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

Kathy Piper by the Msgr. Schnacky Community Players

Sunday 5/19 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

Terry Schultz by Paul Schultz

Michael Shaughnessy by Jim and Debbie Mulcahy

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Harry Skrzypczak by John and Judith Savarise

Rose Colletta by Bridgette Colletta

Phil Dattilo

Monday 5/20 Transfiguration 6:45 AM

For our Parish Council Members

Tuesday 5/21 St. Catherine 9 AM

James Hagen by Ellen Weber

William Pickett Jr. by Thomas Pickett

Wednesday 5/22 Transfiguation 6:45 AM

Intentions for Deacon Eric Bessette

 Thursday 5/23 St. Catherine 9 AM

For the homeless in our community

 Friday 5/24    

No Services Scheduled

Saturday 5/25 Transfiguation 4 PM

Ryan Realbuto by Jim and Pat Roman

Leon Ruby, Jr. by Bernadette and Jim Boyatzies

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

For the people of St. Catherine's and Transfiguration

Sunday 5/26 Transfiguation 8:45 AM Jessica Tarkowski and Dick Konz by Barb Clements
    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Bill Bowe by the Venderstyne and Bowe Family

Al Hurley on the 4th anniversary of his passing by Sharon Hurley and Family