Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



    If we do need to notify of Covid exposure, we will send out a special e-mail and update the website with information.


If you are not feeling well, please stay home.  Per CDC guidelines, those who have not received a vaccination should wear a mask at all times.  NEW - Due to the highly contagious Delta variant, the CDC now recommends that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask in indoor public settings.  Masks are now required at both Transfiguration and St. Catherines.  Please wear a mask to Mass.

 We will continue to have two seating sections - one for social distancing, and one for those no longer required to social distance (because they are fully vaccinated). Masks are required in both sections.  For those who wish to maintain social distancing, please sit in the section closest to the Baptismal font.   Please follow the directions of our greeters.  We want everyone to be safe!

Day Date Church Time


Friday 10/22    

No Service Scheduled

Saturday 10/23 Transfiguration 11 AM

Funeral Mass for Pat Hettrich

    Transfiguration 4 PM

Margaret Smith by Sheila and Terry Klee

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

Betsy and Paul Bourcy by Rob Bourcy

Sunday 10/24 Transfiguration 8:45 AM

Rosina Casciani by Sally Suria

Denny Carpin by Elaine Carpin

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Kathy Dessauer by Tom Dessauer

Monday 10/25 Transfiguration 6:45 AM

Kathy Dessauer by Tom Dessauer

Tuesday 10/26 St. Catherine 9 AM

Stephen LaSalle y Judy and Dick DelVecchio

Wednesday 10/27 Transfiguration 6:45 AM

Beatrice Wolford by Jane and Frank Botelho

Thursday 10/28 St. Catherine 9 AM

For the People of St. Catherine's

Friday 10/29    

No Service Scheduled

Saturday 10/30 Transfiguration 4 PM

Pat Slimmer by Mary Bold

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

John F. and Irene Marren by the Marren Family

Sunday 10/31 Transfiguration 8:45 AM

Dick Miles by Claire Miles

Keir Zangrando by Lisa and Devon VanVechten

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Marlene Kessler by Ray and Margie Benza