Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



Friday  January 17   No Service Scheduled  
Saturday  January 18  4:30 PM Matthew McCarthy Kathy Klingensmith and Rana Bryan
Sunday  January 19  9:00 AM Paul O'Brien  Pat and Tom Michaels
     11:30 AM John Balzano  Margie and Ray Benza
Monday  January 20  6:45 AM For Peace in Our World  
Tuesday  January 21  9:00 AM Communion Service  
Wednesday  January 22  6:45 AM Communion Service  
Thursday  January 23  6:45 AM Communion Service  
Friday  January 24    No Service Scheduled  
Saturday  January 25  4:30 PM Marcella L. Jackson Margie and Ray Benza
Sunday  January 26  9:00 AM Jason Belodoff Fran Swift
     11:30 AM Ann Bovenzi Karen Viola