Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Masses for the Week



If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us for the Livestream 

Masks and social distancing are now optional at Mass, except in the section closest to the Baptismal font. For those who wish to maintain social distancing and be surrounded by those wearking masks, please sit in the section closest to the Baptismal font.   Please follow the directions of our greeters.  We want everyone to be safe!

Day Date Church Time


Friday 5/20    

No Service Scheduled

Saturday 5/21 Transfiguation 4 PM

Terri Schultz by Paul Schultz

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM

Brandon Williams by Nancy P and John N

Sunday 5/22 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

Kathleen McHugh by Alice Grealy

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Francis Maiurano by Judy and Dick Delvecchio

Monday 5/23 Transfiguation 6:45 AM

Robert Cobbs by Anonymous

Tuesday 5/24 St. Catherine 9 AM

James McCarthy by Mr. and Mrs. John Turturro

Wednesday 5/25 Transfiguation 6:45 AM

Nancy Mae Callen

    Transfiguration 7 PM

Vigil Mass - The Ascension of the Lord 

Paula Treggert by Her Family

Thursday 5/26 St. Catherine 9 AM

The Ascension of the Lord

Al Hurley by his family

Friday 5/27    

No Service Scheduled

Saturday 5/28 Transfiguation 4 PM

Marion and Lester Gasser by Jeanne McElhinney

    St. Catherine 5:30 PM Ellen and Nelson Streibich by the Armillotti Family
Sunday 5/29 Transfiguation 8:45 AM

Ellen and Gene Yurgealitis by Jim and Jean Walsh

    St. Catherine 10:45 AM

Ron Anderson by Laura and Clyde Cutter

June Werner by Elaine Sykes