Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Sunday Music Selections


Transfiguration Music Groups:

  • 4:30 PM - the Folk Group .... Music Selections available at Mass.  This group has a broader style than just 'folk' music.  They usually are accompanied by guitars and sometimes piano.
  • 9:00 AM -  Choir; Music Selections Below.  The music played at this Mass is often more traditional, accompanied by piano and sometimes organ.
  • 11:30 AM - Matthew 17 (Christian Contemporary) and Teens alternate weeks at the 11:30 Mass  .Music Selections available at Mass
  • Our Youth Bell Choir and Youth Choir perform at holidays and other special occasions.


New music is coming to Mass!  Take a few minutes to become familiar with the new Holy and When We Eat This Bread!



February 2  9 AM Mass
 Gathering Glory and Praise
 Offertory Child of Mercy
 Communion Blessed are They
 Recessional City of God


February 9  9 AM Mass
 Gathering Gather Us In
 Offertory Christ in Me Arise
 Communion Take and Eat
 Recessional This Little Light of Mine


February 16  9 AM Mass
 Gathering Blessed Be the Lord
 Offertory Deep Within
 Communion Eye Has Not Seen
 Recessional Go Out, Go Out


February 23  9 AM Mass
 Gathering We Are Called
 Offertory Make Me A Channel of Your Peace
 Communion I Am the Bread of Life
 Recessional For the Healing of the Nations


February 26  Ash Wednesday
 Gathering Hosea
 Psalm Be Merciful O Lord
 Ashes Take these Ashes
 Offertory Deep Within
 Communion Merciful God
 Recessional Ashes


March 1  9 AM Mass - 1st Sunday of Lent
 Gathering Merciful God
 Psalm Be Merciful O Lord
 Offertory Be With Me Lord
 Communion To the Desert Follow Me
 Recessional On Eagles Wings


March 8  9 AM Mass - 2nd Sunday of Lent
 Gathering The Cross of Jesus
 Psalm Let Your Mercy
 Offertory Without Seeing You
 Communion To the Desert Follow Me
 Recessional Christ Be Our Light


March 15  9 AM Mass - 3rd Sunday of Lent
 Gathering Merciful God
 Psalm If Today You Hear His Voice
 Offertory Sweet Refreshment
 Communion The Cross of Jesus
 Recessional We Walk by Faith


March 22  9 AM Mass - 4th Sunday of Lent
 Gathering Take Up Your Cross
 Psalm  Shepherd Me O God
 Offertory To the Desert Follow Me
 Communion Merciful God
 Recessional Christ Be Our Light


March 29  9 AM Mass - 5th Sunday of Lent
 Gathering Merciful God
 Psalm With The Lord
 Offertory Hosea
 Communion Take and Eat
 Recessional I Am the Bread of Life


April 5  9 AM Mass - Palm Sunday
 Gathering Palm Sunday Processional
 Psalm My God
 Offertory Jesus, Remember Me
 Communion Jesus the Lord
 Recessional O Sacred Head