Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Sunday Music Selections

At most of our Masses we have a combination of a cantor and a small choir and instrumental musicians, and sometimes pre-recorded choir music - thanks to the wonderful work of Sue Wallace at Transfiguration and Pam McInerney from St. Catherine - and the talented musicians from both parishes.  

Starting the weekend of April 15-16, our musicians will be using the Mass of Christ the Savior for our responses.  The words might have a minor change here or there, but the melodies are significantly different.  So - if you want to be confident in singing along - please feel free to practice at home with these YouTube videos!

Holy, Holy, Holy

Memorial Acclamation


Lamb of God




If you cannot attend Mass in person, you can listen to the beautiful music provided by our musicians by watching the Mass livestream.  Selections for this week's Masses:


Sunday 8:45 a.m. Mass  


(Mass time decision)


Our God Saves


How Great is Our God


Praise the Father, Praise the Son

By Our Love (meditation song during Baccalaureate slides)


A Rightful Place

   Here are the current music groups - as we adopt our new Mass schedule, and work to bring live music back to the church, the entire music team is working on the next steps -  please be patient and excited about the possibilities!

Transfiguration Music Groups:

  •  the Folk Group .... This group has a broader style than just 'folk' music.  They usually are accompanied by guitars and sometimes piano.  They typically play at our 4 PM Mass

  • Choir  The music played at this Mass is often more traditional, accompanied by piano and sometimes organ.  They usually serve at our 8:45 AM Mass, we are blessed with their beautiful harmony.

  • Matthew 17 (Christian Contemporary) This wonderful group of musicians often accompanies our 8:45 am Mass.  Their music is beautiful, inspiring and uplifting - you will love it!

  • Teens,  Our Youth Bell Choir and Youth Choir perform at holidays and other special occasions.