Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17



The Music Ministry of the Church of the Transfiguration exists to enhance and edify the public prayer of the gathered community through combining our God-given gifts of music for His glory.  The Music Ministry consists of generous, willing parishioners who volunteer their musical talents at various liturgies and paraliturgies. Although musical ability is necessary, no audition is required.  To join the  Music Ministry contact Sue Wallace.



  • Must have enthusiasm, spirit and a reverent sense of the mystery of the liturgy.

  • Must desire to give back to God, the measure of talent He has given you.

  • Must have a "Heart commitment" to the group (meaning that occasional necessary missed rehearsals are a given-especially for the sake of time with one’s family).

Instrumentalists are needed for special occasions.  God has truly blessed Transfiguration with many wonderfully talented musicians. We encourage you to consider offering your God –given talent to Transfiguration’s music ministry.  Oh, by the way, NO audition is required. 



Our choir is now back to live performances after a long spell of recording virtually, then having a musicians at mass, then adding a cantor or two.  If you have any interest in joining the choir or team of musicians, please contact Sue Wallace at the email address below. Also contact Sue if you are interested in being part of the tech ministry - the person who operates the laptop during Mass that is displaying the responses (and occasionally playing recorded music and videos).   All the files are loaded on the laptop prior to Mass by a staff member,  the tech ministers are trained on how to boot up the laptop, connect the wires, turn on on the projectors, and trouble shoot minor issues!   The hardest part - following along the Mass and hitting 'Page Down' at the right time... and that gets very easy after the first couple of times, especially if you shadow another tech first!


Please take a few minutes to watch the below slide show, with our chorus performing a Sue Wallace original, "Make Visible God's Works".  The slides and the song help illustrate what we do at Transfiguration to Make Visible God's Works.