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April 23, 2023

Dear Friends,

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Praying your Easter Alleluias and blessings are continuing to enrich your “Becoming…Forever Changed!” Have you noticed, depending on the Deacon and where they are part of worship, there may be singing or no singing of the Alleluia at the end of mass this Easter season. No pressure on either Deacon because I have no voice to sing but I am going to put out a challenge. Whichever Deacon sings the closing Alleluia the most in these remaining weeks of Easter, I’ll donate $100 to the charity of their choice. If anyone wants to join my challenge, let me know. Deacon Eric and Deacon Kevin are great guys and I am so thankful for their ministry to our parishes. They have beautiful voices that break open the Word of the Lord to us continuously. Let’s see and hear and listen to what happens!!!

Last Monday was the annual Boston Marathon. It was the 127th race. I have volunteered for 36 years at the finish line. Ten years ago last Saturday, I was there when the bombs went off. It was totally unexpected and sadly lives were lost and many  lives were changed forever. Victims of this horrible event have been phenomenal in their recovery and witness to what can be made positive. I have heard and seen how victims of this horrific situation have reclaimed their lives, identity and wanting to help others who have been in the same or similar horrific situations. At our weekend masses, I ask about “joys.” Some of us speak out a joy, some of us keep one silent within ourselves.  This past week I have been praying for all the “joys” I have witnessed in my sisters and brothers who were part of the Boston Marathon bombing ten years ago. These valiant and strong individuals fill my heart and spirit by their resolve in living lives that are “Boston Strong” and testimony to encourage others to conquer what has challenged them. It is an Easter story for sure.

This weekend we are reminded in the story of Emmaus the power of the Eucharist. People unknowing came together and broke bread and their hearts burned. Why? Because, they allowed themselves to be present to the one in their midst and satisfy some questions, allowed showed a willingness to go forward in Easter faith.

Faith. Yes, faith to “Become…Forever Changed.”
Where are we on this road of “Emmaus?”

Father Rob


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