Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

March 2023 archive of Fr. Rob's Weekly Message

March 2023 archive of Fr. Rob's Weekly Message

April 2, 2023

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/30/23

Dear Friends,

For several weeks, since our Ash Wednesday, we have been focused on “BECOME…FORVER CHANGED” in our journey towards Easter. What we have experienced so far has been both personal & shared as a faith community. My prayers have been that each of us in some way has ... Read More »

March 26, 2023

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/24/23

Dear Friends,

This weekend’s Gospel is very poignant for me as I believe it is for all of us. As you know, our faith communities and myself personally have been part of many funerals since the beginning of 2023.

This past week I was in Beverly, Massachusetts to preside ... Read More »

March 19, 2023

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/16/23

Dear Friends,

Seems like Deja Vous with another weekend taste of winter! My skiing and snow mobile friends are finally happy! With Spring soon to “arrive”, it has been enjoyable to see tulip, crocus and daffodil leaves starting to poke through the soil! Little things that bring us great pleasure.

Our Fourth Week of Lent continues to invite us “BECOME… FOREVER CHANGED.” This week John invites us to reflect on the man born blind. He indeed became someone forever changed but not without some strife. His own parents were weak in acknowledging and supporting their son when questioned by their community because of fear. Nonetheless, the man who had his sight restored persevered in what he experienced and received from ... Read More »

March 12, 2023

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/09/23

Dear Friends

So Mother Nature gitfed us with another taste of winter this past Friday/Saturday! No matter what some may think, the landscape of our “world” looked beautiful with all the snow covering the trees. Ironically, friends from Melbourne, Australia called on that Friday sharing they were in the ... Read More »

March 5, 2023

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/02/23

Dear Friends,

Introduced on Ash Wednesday, our parish theme, “BECOME… FOREVER CHANGED” challenged us to reflect on our prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Hopefully, still in the early moments of this sacred time, we are exploring ourselves and the spiritual journey we may choose that will draw us deeper in ... Read More »


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