Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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April 9, 2023 Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

I have to admit, I am writing this article because of holiday deadlines but I am really feeling some Alleluias even though today is March 30th!

As so many of you know, and you know me, I’m one who is pretty out there before everyone. Just a short while ago, after being with my dermatologist this morning and having a cat scan this afternoon, and now just hearing from my physicians, I am fine. No cancer worries.

Oh yes, I have Alleluias raising from my soul! I am so grateful to all of you who were praying for me and for this moment that I cannot thank the Lord enough for His blessing.

So many of you have shared with me your own trials and tribulations. You have gifted me in so many ways to share in your own prayer and intercessions before our Lord. These sharing’s I never take for granted and carry them with me in my whole person and faith. I thank you sincerely for all your goodness and witness of faith. Your presence blesses my whole being.

So, it is Easter! We have had these phenomenal weeks to “BECOME…FOREVER CHANGED” in the wonder of His promises of life that is eternal!

I want to thank every person from our two faith communiƟes who has enabled us to be prayerfully motivated in these past sacred weeks. All the various prayer opportunities, the gifts of spiritual reading and reflection; our “Not So Typical Church Ladies”, evenings of gentle prayer, our Parish Mission/Retreat with Janet Corso, our evening of reconciliation and the moments you and I can only name, that have made this Lent a gift.

I am so honored to have shared these sacred weeks with you, our Holy Week and now, the coming fifty days of our Easter! I cannot offer enough Alleluias to all of you! Please, know I humbly am so grateful for you and I am here for each of you in any way you may call upon me.

It is Easter! Let us have resounding Alleluias and might we humbly share among one another what our Alleluias are!!!

I’ll start. It is the voice of those parishioners who share their presence of the Risen Jesus in their lives! It is always a powerful testimony!!!

Alleluias to all and a Joyous Easter Season,
Faith in our Risen Brother, Jesus Christ,
Father Rob



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