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February 13, 2022

Dear Friends,
We have had some very fruitful gatherings to discuss our Synod Themes. Those who have participated from various ministries gathering together, those who attend morning mass and those who have stayed after the weekend masses have contributed greatly to the conversation that Pope Francis has initiated. Pope Francis hoped with the various themes and our prayerful reflection upon them that led by the Holy Spirit we would share, reflect and listen to one another.
We have had members of both Saint Catherine of Siena and the Church of the Transfiguration participate. There have been individuals from other Roman Catholic churches at our gatherings as well as individuals of other faith denominations. It has been well received and as I said at the beginning of this article, fruitful.
The Synod is for all of us on the same path to journey together. It is a time for our own prophesies and visions to be shared so as to nourish our gift of faith and hope.
I encourage everyone to join one of the sessions that still remain after our weekend masses. Your prayerful reflection and input adds to the richness of who we are and want to be as church, the faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Please check Saint Catherine of Siena’s website (www.saintcath.org) or the Diocese of Rochester’s website (www.dor.org/synod) for more information on the Synod and the proposed themes. You may even do this on your own and easily submit your reflections. If you have any questions please ask anyone on our two Parish Pastoral Staffs.
My column this time is brief. As I write this (Saturday February 5th) I am preparing to leave to do a very dear friend’s funeral in Beverly, Massachusetts. Jim Griffin has been a part of “my family” for 41 years. It was just a short time ago last year that his wife, Maureen, died. They are now together in heaven with other family and friends of ours. I have been blessed by their love and support for so long, but my heart feels not long enough. My faith and theirs comforts us in knowing we have the eternal home of Jesus to look forward to . May Jim and Maureen be happily reunited in eternity. May all of us who have love ones in heaven be consoled by our faith in the promises of our beloved Lord.
Wishing you peace and many blessings,
Father Rob


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