Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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January 2, 2022

Dear  Friends,

Happy New Year! 2022!!! Can you believe it?!

We have all shared many paths these past two years that we never thought we would. But, here we are and for the most part we are doing well and surviving.
I think of all the people who have had bigger crosses to bear than ourselves. Covid took many lives, our health care workers continue to be overwhelmed and stressed by personal decisions that have taxed our health care institutions. Our sisters and brothers who faced tornadoes that took loved ones lives and their entire homes were left with nothing. Violence that continues to escalate on our city streets. People, still moving fleeing oppression and political unrest, like Mary and Joseph, are being called out of their homeland.  And, we have our own personal stories too as we enter this New Year of 2022.
Perhaps, we should all count our blessings and acknowledge where the Lord has generously gifted us and asks us to be Him now for one another and certainly be Him for those not as fortunate as ourselves.  
It is a New Year and let us pray for one with hope, peace, joy, love and anticipation of our blessed faith moving forward.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed and are continuing to enjoy these blessed Christmas days. We have twelve days of Christmas to acknowledge all the Lord wishes to provide us with in our journey. Did you ever know the meaning behind the Twelve Days of Christmas? Google it and see the richness of who we are as Christians called to live the life of Jesus Christ. 

I want to thank everyone who shared Christmas cards, gifts and joys with me and our two parish staffs. I am very appreciative of all your goodness. 
Particularly, I want to thank all of you who prepared our church environments for Advent and Christmas! God bless your labors of love. And, I thank sincerely all of you who participated in giving gifts to our sisters and brothers during this time of year. Your spirit of stewardship is overwhelming and a visible reminder of what Christian love is about.

So, we go forward with one another. God bless us all that we may continue to support one another with our love, prayer and faith in Jesus Christ!

Happy New Year,
Father Rob

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