Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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January 8, 2023

Dear Friends,

This weekend we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord! So many of us think of the “Magi, Astrologers, and /or Wise Men” this day. We have in our sacred texts the story of travelers coming great distances following the guidance of a star. These individuals understood they would come and encounter a king but not one of understood worldly means. They brought gifts. They knew after their experience with Herod they needed to take a different route back to their homeland.

Our beautiful theme of “ILLUMINATE HIS LIGHT” this liturgical season reminds us to reflect like the travelers on how do we follow “His Light” in our lives. What “gifts” to we bring before Him? How do we, after encountering Him, travel in our lives bearing His presence within ourselves before others? Much to ponder upon, pray over and discern in these last couple days of our Christmas/Epiphany season.

I want to thank so many who brought their gifts before us in our faith communities these past several weeks. First of all, I thank all our parishioners for their prayerful support to Saint Catherine of Siena and the Church of the Transfiguration. You reveal the life giving miracles of being the Body of Christ.

Thank you to our Arts & Environment Ministries who set our churches with beauty and dignity for both Advent and Christmas. Thank you to our phenomenal Music Ministries who added such joy and reverence to all our liturgies during Advent and Christmas. All your voices and instruments revealed the sacredness of this holy time.

Thank you to all the behind the scene individuals who offer help in ways that may not always be recognized by everyone but know the Parish Staffs along with myself do and we are ever so grateful for your goodness.

Our Parish Staffs are to be thanked as well! Each gifted individual of our staffs bring their gifts, prayer and very selves to the praise of our Lord for the service of each and every person before us! As my dear friend Claire (who died a year ago Christmas Day) would say, “Aren’t we fortunate?” We certainly are!

I pray in thanksgiving for all of you and pray that together in this New Year we will continue to support one another by living as Him who modeled all we are called to be.

We remember in our prayers and masses the life of Pope Benedict the XVI. On the last day of his earthly life, he was born into a life that is eternal. I remember the day he was chosen and announced to be the new Pope following Saint Pope John Paul II. My friend Sally and I were in the car near Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts. When we heard on the radio there was an announcement, we pulled over at the beach and heard the proclamation. Pope Benedict has been described as a “quiet scholar who defended Doctrine.” At the age of 85, he made history as the first Pope in 600 years to announce that he was stepping down freely and “for the good of the church.”

May we remember Pope Benedict in our prayers. May we pray that he is rejoicing with all the faithfully departed among the saints in the Kingdom of the Lord.

Let us also pray for Pope Francis that his health may sustain him comfortably in leading us in the life of our church and world. Eternal Rest Grant unto Pope Benedict and May Eternal Light Shine on Him Forever.

My friends, I wish you all a blessed 2023. I pray that my vocation will serve you all well and that my humble presence will continue to the best of my gifts continue to “ILLUMINATE HIS LIGHT.”

Love, Prayer and Blessing,
Father Rob


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